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Would you marry a stranger?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Married at First Sight is a Danish TV series that has become international, with its own versions in the US, UK, and Australia.

This reality show sees people scientifically matched with a complete stranger, and the first time the couples see each other is on the day of their wedding.

Have you seen the show? What do you think of it, and what do you think about the people who participate in the experiment? Would you marry a stranger?

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Top Answers
I trust in science, but I don't trust in it that much. I haven't seen the show, but the idea of this "experiment" is a bit too much for me. I guess I should say that married is going to far for me. If it was a dating show, or "would you take a romantic vacation with a stranger" I would be more interested. I guess it's the marriage part that bothers me. Those vows mean more than that.
I agree with Damian. Marriage is meant to be for life, and you can't make such a big commitment going in completely blind like that. It is treating marriage like a game, when it is something much more important than that. And why would you want someone else to make such a big life decision for you like that? We don't like being told what to do and how to live our lives, so it feels very strange to me.
Here in Australia: They do Not really marry, it's like for show and tell...a fake wedding, and it (may) be the same in other Countries. :)
by jonaja
I couldn't have done worse than my ex-husband.
I think this is ridiculous however many people have marriages that are "arranged" so I guess it is no different.
I believe they are not really married though on this show, and it is not a show I would watch
by Finy
It is a genuine marriage actually. I looked on Wiki where it shows the results for the Australian version and unsurprisingly 6 out of 8 couples are now separated/divorced, and 8/12 for the American version.

With arranged marriage, the bride and groom don't have a choice, but in here they rate the ones who decide to go through with the experiment.
That's not necessarily true actually. Sometimes in arranged marriages the bride and groom don't have a choice, but in many cases they do. There are people who decide for themselves to have an arranged marriage, and agencies who facilitate it. Usually the couples get to meet, and meet each others' families first though.
Thank you for enlightening me.
I'm surprised that it's legal to marry that way. No, I wouldn't do that, even if I was single. Too much risk that the other person might be a psycho, or just terribly boring.
"The marriage that takes place on the TV is a sort of precursor to a real marriage ceremony....They do NOT really get married:
by jonaja
I have seen the Australian version here in OZ.
Have to say it is a very interesting experiment! Personally something I would NEVER try.
Even if I never married, just too scared for that try of thing, to be totally honest.

I think people who do it are a different breed, seriously....I have seen one guy treat the bride so badly after just 1 hour.

I have seen the couple seem to really like each other so MUCH! after the wedding.
I have seen parents at the wedding, become very upset at one look at the groom....They have called him rude, for not even casting a look their way, before the bride arrives.

I would HATE to be the parent of this kind of wedding....seriously it is hard enough to hope your Children WILL find the right person, and long engagements are something I really feel have there place.

I really do not like this idea, and having three sons all grown men, I would want ONLY the best person for them.
I shall watch from time to time, but not a fan of the idea for life.
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