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Would you like to see a Homeric TV Series?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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I love Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and also Virgil's Aeneid. What would you think of a television series made out of these epic poems? There is a lot of material, so if it were successful, you could get a lot of seasons from it. If there were a series, how would you like it to be tackled? As a serious drama, a comedy (like the BBC's Merlin and Atlantis), or somewhere in between?

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I would love to see Homer and Virgil's poems turned into a long TV series. They made Troy the movie, but it was not very true to the story. I would only want them to make a show that actually followed the events accurately. Saying that, I would want it more light hearted than the actual poems; not a comedy, but still something that could make you laugh - a bit in the tone of Stargate. I would be interested to see who would play all the gods, etc.
Sure would!
Wow that would be great.Love your idea in the tone of Stargate, I love it!
Very interesting to see 'who' would play the roles, and do them justice.Hummm
I think Brian Blessed would make a good Zeus, and Benedict Cumberbatch a good Achilles.
Oh, and how about Helen Boham Carter as Hera?
Good one :)
by jonaja
What a great question. Yes, a thousand times yes, I'd love to see a series based on the Iliad. Probably as a serious drama, I think.
I would watch that.

Personally I'd prefer something that stuck to the poems a bit more than Merlin sticks to the Arthurian legend. Also, I didn't think Merlin was a comedy, more of a silly drama, but maybe it's not the same show I'm thinking of.
You're right; it is a drama series, not a comedy in terms of genre, but I was meaning, like you said, something very light hearted with a lot of comedy in it.
Yes, truely we love all the ancient films

Even the film of Ghengis Khan of the 1950's version would be great

Hope that you can bring all the old films back
It would be OK as long as it wasn't made by Americans. They would just make it into a ridiculous farce with little resemblance to the original stories. Everyone would be over made up and coiffured and acting like cardboard cut outs.
I agree with you on that. I expect it would be something like the Troy. I haven't actually seen it, but I know it does not stay true to the original.
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