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Would you let an amateur designer decorate your house?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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The BBC's second series of The Great Interior Design Challenge has begun. The show is a competition in which three amateur designers are tasked with redesigning a room following the brief given to them by their client (the homeowner). Each week there is a different theme; for example, last week the designers had to bring life into three dark cottage living rooms, and this week they had to decorate beach huts.

The owners tell the designers the kind of feel they want, such as colour scheme, and the practical requirements, and then the designers plan what they are going to do.

the great interior design challenge, bbc
Image from http://www.bbc.co.uk

At the end they are then judged to go onto the second round. Judging is a careful balance of how well the project was planned, the execution, how well it fits the brief, but also the innovation.

The one thing I find annoying about the show is that the judges often encourage the designers to ignore elements of the brief in order to be more experimental and risk taking over practicality.

The client is not present during the time of the redesign, and is faced with a surprise at the end. Would you let an amateur designer come in and decorate your home?

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Top Answers
I would in this case have to say No I could NOT let someone to do any designing for me.
I absolutely hate the colour Yellow!
So if by chance they used in in 'anything'......it would have to go.
It would make no difference if t had cost a huge amount of money, it would have to go.
I also would dislike Grey or Dark Green or Brown in my home.
So it's a big fat NO from me.

The lack of consideration for the owners, and the Judges saying to to ignore parts of the brief is a total lack of Respect! for the owners.

In a case like this, it's not a safe adventure, and if the owners hated the end result....I would be gutted if me.
That's what I thought. To be fair, most the clients were very happy with the results, although one woman had asked for a blue colour scheme and was given yellow, which she wasn't too keen on.
Poor woman I feel for her big time....
by jonaja
It wasn't so bad because it was just a holiday beach hut and the yellow could easily be painted over in blue. It also looked a lot better than it did before. But I agree, I would be irritated if I said what I wanted and they completely ignored me.
Yes absolutely! I loved the show & I thought the designers did brilliantly on the small budget. I love decorating & would welcome fresh ideas for my home. I think they tried to match the contestant to the client, & of course they're never going to love everything, but I think the clients were all happy with the work done. I wish we had a similar show here in Oz.
No - too risky.
by Vee
I wouldn't let of the designers on this show near my house, and I definitely wouldn't let them decorate in the format of this show. I would, however, be happy for an amateur designer to decorate if I were there the whole time overseeing what was going on.
No way - put's too much responsibility in their hands!
It's hard to say. I would definitely have to see their previous work and judge whether that would fit with my style.

Everyone has different opinions so it would be a disaster if they re-decorated your home and you absolutely hated it.
Yes, you know what? I can always redecorate if it is horrible. I think the experience would be really interesting and the designer is sure to come up with at least one thing that makes me see my home in a different light.
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