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Would you do something illegal to support your family if you knew you were going to die soon?

by anita (follow)
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In 'Breaking Bad', fairly square high school chemistry teacher Walter White turns to manufacturing methamphetamine to provide for his family when he discovers he is going to die of cancer. Would you do something illegal to provide for your family if you knew you were going to die soon? And if you would, how far would you go?

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Top Answers
Absolutely. So long as it didn't harm others. Yes, the law is in place to protect people, but it is also an imperfect, and often (and ironically) an unjust system.
I tend to agree.
by anita
If it was something like driving over the speed limit then sure, but in most cases no. The law is there for a reason, and breaking it would harm others, even if it helped my family.
Is there a level of harm you could tolerate? e.g. stealing someone's car to save a life, knowing that you would just be inconveniencing someone?
by anita
Yes, I suppose that would be justifiable. The harm Im talking about is more physical or emotional/mental that just one of annoyance.
Probably not, not for morals, just wouldn't know how to do it without getting caught. My question is, would you know how to do something illegal without getting caught?
That's a great question. I guess it depends on whether you think you could do it before "exiting this mortal plane" or not??
by anita
Everyone has their breaking point, where they would decide something that normally wouldn't do is okay. Would I kill someone? No. Would I make meth? That's basically like killing multiple people, so again, no. Would I steal 1 dollar from 1 million different bank accounts? If I was going to die, yup, no problem. It's all about the stakes, and how my actions would affect others.
Absolutely Not.
I want a clean slate when I die.
I loved the show, l found it very interesting, it really showed human nature at it's worst.
I believe we all have to answer for what we have done, in our lifetime.
My gut instinct says yes I would, but then morality comes into it and the way you were brought up. So, any wrongdoing which was illegal would probably be very difficult for me, other than minor infractions.
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