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Would you compete on a show like the Bachelor?

by Vee (follow)
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Watching the bitchiness and desperation of the girls on The Bachelor, I have to wonder at their sense of worth and self-respect. I couldn't imagine having to compete with a houseful of women for the attention and affection of a single man. But that's just me.

Could you see yourself competing on a show like The Bachelor?

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Top Answers
No way. I wouldn't belittle myself that way. However, I must say I do watch it as I quite often find it hilarious how the girls get so catty & jealous of each other. Meeeeeooowwwww!!! Then, on the other side I get caught up in the romantic dates & go awwwww!!! I'm amazed they can get so romantic & spill their feelings with TV cameras in their faces.
haha-definitely not -they don't have OBG's on there!

I wouldnt go on even if I was young as sorry, Vee, this is one show that I find pathetic and false and cannot stand that they are all beautiful and handsome -you never see an unattractive person on.....
by Finy
LOL, no need to apologise Finy. I totally agree, but it doesn't take away from the hilarity of it all - for me, anyway.
by Vee
I'm with you on this, Vee, it sounds really degrading.
And it is, Bryony, especially when the Bachelor is taking advantage of all the girls, who are so eager to make an impression. Eek! I don't know how people willingly participate.
by Vee
This show seems to be taking one giant leap back for womankind.
Like so many things today, >.>
by Vee
Not in a million years. How can a man keep track, making out with all these women. To make it even worse, your behavior will be immortalized in history for your future spouse and children to see.
by Gia
Oh good point. I didn't even think about that. Way to go Bachelor.
by Vee
No bloody way.
by Vee
Good grief No.
I'm way too shy.
LOL! That's what you're worried about, jonaj?!
by Vee
Good grief NO, me neither. Im WAY, WAY too old! And Ive been very happily
married for 46 years!
by Miro
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