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Would you be interested in watching a series about Ex-pats?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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A lot of Australians migrate to Britain, do you think it would be interesting if a series was made about Australians living in the UK? What kind of show would it be? A comedy, documentary, drama?


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I think there are two angles that could be taken to make really interesting shows. The first would be a real estate show - so-and-so is moving from Australia to London and our realtor is going to show them three homes, you know the drill. Relocation Relocation often shows Brits moving to Australian, so the other way around isn't much of a stretch.

A comedy about adjusting to Australian life would also be very cool. I would watch either (or both) shows were they to be made.
A real estate show would be a good idea. It would be interesting to se what kind of home and Australian was looking for in the UK, especially comparing the prices, and what you can get here compared to Australia for your money.
That's what I was thinking too. I would particularly like seeing what homes on the English countrysides.
I think it would work well as a comedy, but I think a drama would be too close to the Australian soaps.
That is a very broad question!

It would all depend on what it was about and whether it was going to be a soapie, or a comedy or what it was going to be.

It could be as interesting as many of the shows that are currently on here.
by Finy
That's what I asked in the question. Would you want it to be a comedy, a soap, a doc, etc.
I would watch something about expats; not just in the UK, but anywhere; SE Asia etc... What really happens in Bali has an expat element, as it's touted as an ob doc (observational documentary). They often seem to cluster in their adopted countries, so documentary would work or ob doc; a kind of 7 up thing, also, with, say 2 - 5 year follow-ups, but I really think you could make a great comedy out of this, in the vein of The Young Ones/ cut The expats! Also like My Family, where there's a shared house situation, which alot of Aussies did, still do ad otherwise you can only afford a toilet in London, on your own. You could also do a Man about the house sort of show. The real estate thing, sounds good too - like Secret Location or Location, Location, definitely. We're addicted to shows like that, oh also Escape to the country style, would work too. Yes, could be interesting. Should be picked up! c&c
Australians are certainly very blessed to live in this country. As a South African pat, I am often astounded at what the accepted norms are and the expectations and requirements of living a normal life. We have been here nearly 5 years and love everything about the country. We feel privileged to share this country with the many caring Australians we meet daily.

I would like to see it in a documentry format similar to House Hunters?
by Gia
Yes, one of my adult 'kids' has been an expat for 5 yrs., in Asia. but I think a doco., - not heavy - would give us a look at how different their lives are there. (education is taken much more seriously than we mainly do.
Think we had a movie in the 70s?, about expat oz. in London., it was a horrible sight. but now I'm sure that our expats mix more - can't see the point of living somewhere else if you don't want to 'know' the country. I remember nursing in Spain, an English woman brought in and could not speak one word of Spanish to explain her illness!!!! - she had lived there for 8 years.
Nope! Boring!
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