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Would you be interested in a Supergirl TV show?

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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This is fresh off the rumor mill, so take it with a grain of salt, but Supergirl might be hitting the small screen. First Michael Green – Heroes, Gotham and American gods – was said to be attached to the project, but he quickly squashed that idea. Regardless of who makes the show, the question still remains, if a show was made based on the Supergirl character, would you check it out?


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Top Answers
I'm not really interested in superhero shows, but I would be more than happy for one to be made starring a female superhero.
I agree with Bryony, except I am interested in superhero shows. Women are sorely misrepresented in the superhero world. Admittedly there were some women heroes on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and there will be a show based around Agent Carter, from the Captain America movie franchise, but it still doesn't add up. Of all the characters mentioned above, none have superpowers. This is like saying women can have a starring role in a superhero show, but only the men can be 'special' enough to be granted powers.
No, I would not as do not like it!
I say, ducking for cover, that superheroes should be men!!!!!!
by Finy
I dont actually know Bryony! Perhaps when I was a kid there were no super hero women, and I just think they are better as men.

{Perhaps it is because men are stronger -we may be equal but we are just not as strong and able to do all the things involving muscle that men can do -i DID say "ducking for cover" when I answered!
by Finy
(Throws remote control at Finy) Damn, had you not ducked, LOL. I have to disagree with you Finy. I'm not into superhero shows either, but Xena did just as good a job as Hercules, and I imagine a female super hero would do just as well as a male one.
by Vee
Wow, that's kind of sad. What a pity you didn't see/read about some good female heroes as a kid.
Finy I totally agree. :)
by jonaja
I don't watch superhero shows, but I imagine this could be done well. And, provided she isn't dressed like a call girl, I would certainly check it out.
by Vee
Admittedly, I thought the outfits that female superheroes would look ridiculous if they tried to mimic the comics, luckily thus far in the show Arrow and the Marvel movies, this hasn't been the case. The outfits are still skin tight, but they at least look like they function. Most comic book drawing of women are meant to objectify women and the artists often create superhero outfits that go beyond my suspension of disbelief, even for a superhero, I'm glad this hasn't translated to TV as well.
So am I. :)
by Vee
Yes. If they make one I'll watch it with my daughter. She loves female superheroes.
I love superheroes and I'd love to see some of the heroines get brought to life as many of them are just as good as their superhero counter parts. I'd love for little girls to have some superhero role models, not just the Disney princesses who are very cool but it would make for a nice change.
I'd love to see Spiderwomen, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Black Cat and Superwoman as TV series or even movies!

Yes I think it would be great for young girls to have a superhero to look up to. As long as the show is well written and doesn't make super girl's greatest power be sex appeal.
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