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Worst ending of a long running series?

by Clare Deville (follow)
Editor in Chief of www.healthyhints.com.au
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dexter, worst series ending
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When you watch a series for several years you become invested in the characters and their stories - when the series ends you can't help but have expectations for the final episode....has a series ending ever disappointed you?

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Top Answers
The ending of Dexter was incredibly disappointing for me; it was powerful, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for a happy ending!
Star Trek: Enterprise's last episode was an injustice to the whole franchise. It was rushed, unnecessary, and didn't fit into the rest of the series because it skipped forward two years just to fit in the founding of the Federation.
Push Nevada just finished - no ending (but it was axed so not entirely their fault - but you never found out what happened.) That was the worst....
Buffy and Angel, I loved both of these shows but the last few seasons of each went in directions that didn't interest me nearly as much. Eventually the end came to both series. I didn't care for either ending.
I agree with the ending to Angel especially. From memory, the gang we're going to run into a no-win fight which was probably going to be curtains for them all. I loved that series. I loved Buffy too but I can't remember how the series ended.
I gave up watching Dexter after the first season but I am dying to know what was so bad a bout the ending - I'm amazed I haven't been spoiler alerted over it so can someone please tell me what the ending was - I am never going to watch the series to find out.
Dexter was a huge let down- *SPOILER* Deb goes on life support, Dexter unplugs her and boats off with her body into a storm, faking his own death and abandoning his son?! In the end they made him into a coward. He should have died in the storm too, or buried Deb with respect instead of dumping her where all his victims go and gone away with Hannah and started anew in her honor.
Michael dying at the end of 'Prison Break'. Ugh!
by Vee
The worst ending I would imagine, would be see the main character of a long running series dying an awful death.
by Miro
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