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Why do TV shows roll credits that no one can read?

by Gia (follow)
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When a TV show about to end the thing now is to have the credits as a footer on the screen. The writing can only be read with magnifying glasses as it is so small.

Why do they roll credits that no one can read?

The Price is Right credits

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Top Answers
What a good question!
And one I always ask myself especially when I am trying to find out something and read one of the names.

Not only are they often too small to read, but they go so quick and sometimes they split the screen making it even worse, so that they can advertise the next show.

Very annoying!
by Finy
Maybe it is a legal requirement to run credits, but it takes up too much valuable time between programmes when, for example, the network could be running revenue-generating ads? So, they squash the credits up with announcements about the next programme to cut down the time. That would be my cynical guess...
In that example, it is not the size of the text that is the problem, but the colour. Blue on blue is not a good idea. I don't know why they chose to do that. My problem is not usually the size of the text, but the speed at which it goes. In both cases I think it has to do with time. They only have a certain amount of time allocated for airing before the channel has to go to adverts. Obviously they want to get in more storytelling in the show than dedicate that time to the credits that not many people read. The smaller the text, the more you can fit on the screen at once, so the less time it takes up. The faster the credits roll, the less time it takes up.

It's pretty obvious. If they didn't they wouldn't have enough advertising time - but really they show adverts interrupted by programs lol. I was watching Madam Secretary in which there were subtitles and Channel 10 in their wisdom had a program pop up at the bottom of the screen which completely obliterated the subtitles. They are absolute morons.
This drives me nuts! Sometimes there is nice music to listen to as well and they play loud promos over the top of it. The commercial stations are the worst, but even the ABC is doing it now and they don't have the excuse of needing advertising time. And while we are at it, enough with the gravel voiced movie promos already! It is so kitsch and well past its use by date.
I think it is a requirement, and I think nobody wants to see them.
by Vee
Gives me the sterks when trying to read which actor was a particular character. When they start credits normally, THEN micro-mini size them to squeeze in a promo....grrrrr!
There're some shows that credits are shown at warp-speed! Why? Can't read them. So stupid.
'Inspector Lynley's' credits are cut out COMPLETELY by 7two. WHY?

One of the best credit presentations is 'Inspector Morse'. One can read them at their roll-rate & they're well-spaced. Hooray!
Worst would have to be 'Person of Interest' in its' staccato way.
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