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Why are women’s sports underrepresented on television?

by Vee (follow)
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Women's rugby
‘New Zealand Womens Sevens Dubai’ (sic.) by landrovermena. Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

We live in a society where equality between the sexes is largely thought to exist. But, without getting all Germaine Greer-like, women’s sports are not as widely celebrated as men’s sports. With the same token, women’s sports are not as widely televised as men’s sports.

Why is this the case? Should women’s sports be given the same media attention as men’s sports?

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Top Answers
I think it comes down to money. What pays more - guys or gals! In the end guys come out tops unfortunately!
chipp, I agree with you. The bottom line is once again to blame.
by Vee
It should definitely be given the same media attention. I think the closest you get is with tennis. The men and women's matches seemed to be televised equally - although the men's are aired on the more popular channels.

There is still a lot of sexism when it comes to women in sports, and I think part of the reason why women's sports is not broadcast as much is because the studios think that not as many people will watch it.To a certain extent, I unfortunately think they are right. The main reason being is because little known about them. How many female football players can the average person name? Compare that to the number of male football players they can name. All the big sports teams are male teams, and those are the ones people want to watch.

It is a catch 22. They won't air women's sports until it becomes well known/popular enough, but the teams wont become well known unless they are aired.
I think you're spot on Bryony.
by Vee
Things get aired that people want to watch. Maybe more men are into watching sports than women and they can relate better to guys playing spot.

It's ALL about the MONEY!, & in the case of TV, Ratings!

Males play sport. Males watch sport being played by males. Males have money.
More males, than females, play, watch & have more money, re: sport.

Why are not the Equestrian Competitions' of Europe, EVER televised here?
Why are not even Australian events aired here?
Because there's NO money in it for TV networks! No Ratings 'success'!
Would 80k people pay to go & watch Show Jumping at the MCG? Doubt it.

Equestrianism is a 'ghost' sport here, even though there're 100's of 1000's of persons' involved in it, the 'general public' know nothing of it, except during Olympic's, IF Australia doing well in it!

The 'sportaholism' of this country is pathetic, & it's 99.9% caused by males! It's a multi-million $$$$ business, so the situation is only going to get WORSE! Yuck!
What a grim perspective, but a valid one no less. Thanks for weighing in.
by Vee
I like tennis, athletics, swimming etc., where if they have a big tournament/meet they have both men & women competing. Having said that far too many people watch sport instead of playing. AFL dominates every other sport here in Melbourne & yet cricket also dominates on TV but not in attendance. Sometimes I wonder why so many women are crazy about AFL when it tends to reinforce male dominance, maybe its the physical argy barry that people like to see??
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