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Which TV show do you think deserves a reboot?

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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It’s the done thing in movies these days. If a movie isn’t getting a new film adaption then it’s getting a reboot on the small screen. It’s a great way to revive old blockbusters and see your favourite characters reimagined. But why isn’t this happening for TV shows? There were so many great shows that deserve another shot at your TV watching time. What do you think? Is there a show you would love to see modernized?

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Top Answers
Personally I'd love to see a modern day version of Wonder Woman, if it was done well. We need more strong female role models on our screens.
Clare, I couldn't agree more! I would love to see Wonder Woman rebooted or Xena, or Buffy. Strong female roles are hard to come by but epic when they are done right. There has been rumors of a new Wonder Woman movie, and I'll be curious to see what they do with it.
I personally think that any kind of "reboot" is a lame excuse for entertainment. Why can't writers come up with something new and original? We now have the technology to make anything anyone imagines look relatively realistic, why would we revisit the past when the future is limitless?
I agree, up until recently there has been a lack of original programming, but hey, Battlestar Galactica was a great reboot. You can't tell me they are all bad ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Charmed reboot! Fingers crossed the cast and crew can nail it - definitely hoping for a Hawaii 5-0 style, rather than a Charlie's Angels style, reboot. Charlie's Angels only lasted 7 episodes :(
It's sad how quickly new shows get canceled these days, they don't even get time to grow an audience before getting canned. I'm hoping Charmed gets a fair shake, I wasn't a huge fan of the first series, but I saw the potential.
I would love to see a reboot of Xena or Hercules, I used to love both shows while growing up. They had a real hokey quality to them but it didn't stop either show from being entertaining.
I'd love to see a remake of The Monsters or the Adams Family.
Do you mean 'The MUnsters' & 'The Addams Family'?
They were both good, especially the latter! Loved 'Thing' & 'Cleopatra'. lol!
by donjo
I know it would NEVER be possible, but some of the TV shows' I loved as a kid, & growing up were..........

77 Sunset Strip
Bourbon Street Beat
Surfside 6
Cisco Kid (met Duncan Renaldo in 1960!)
Mackenzie's Raiders
The Rifleman
Any Roy Rogers' movies
Wagon Train
Rescue 8
The Whirlybirds
Sea Hunt
The Aquanauts
Tugboat Annie
Casey Jones
Annie Oakley
The Mouseketeers'(met some of them in 1960)
Perry Mason(some films made about 20 or so years' ago)
Harbor Command
Rin Tin Tin
National Velvet
Stoney Burke
Bat Masterton
Watt Earp
Hawaii 50-the original!

Ah, those were the days!

I loved Knight Rider. Kit was my all time favourite and I adjusted my driving abilities because of 'Kit' who has the ability to scan the road ahead whilst being vitally aware of all going on aorund 'him'. I learned to scan the road and conditions much more, to be more alter, to take more notice, pay much more attention, and also to use my side and rear-view mirrors much more than I ever would have done, withut watching Knight Rider. It was a great driving application teacher for me.
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