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Which sitcom makes you laugh the hardest?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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In scriptwriting lore, a comedy is supposed to have three laughs a page or in viewing terms, three laughs a minute. Some don't achieve this, while in others you're laughing so much, it is more one long continuous laugh than several individual ones. Which sitcom makes you laugh the hardest?

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Top Answers
Friends, although we must have watched it ten times on a loop, from beginning to end (in the background now, while we prepare dinner), still makes me laugh, there's so much humanity in the humour; so much that we can see in ourselves, in exaggerated ways. These people were flawed, so are we as humans, yet they all stayed friends.
Outnumbered, is hilarious; I think anyone with a family, middle class, must recognise something of themselves, in this wonderfully also human, comedy of errors. Hugh Dennis, is so dry, scathing and so self absorbed as the Dad, so often confused with his lot; and Ramona Marquez, well what can you say, she's a genius at improv, if that's really as they say it is. As Karen, her character, in outnumbered, she blithely confuses just about everyone, taking each and every adult to task. Ben, also would stupefy me, and Jake, well he's just Jake - a real teen in every normal way. I love this show.
My family, also breaks me up, as the parents, so hell bent on self destruction, career through their married lives, completely lost in their desire to come out on top. As there is no rank and file in a family, there is no place for self absorption; so you must laugh, as they still try to outdo the other and the kids make their own way through life, making mistakes and coming undone, without the parents' watchful eye on them. Until they do, and then all hell breaks loose.
Rules of Engagement, is a good laugh; it's characters, a look at a roughly thrown together, older group of 'friends' who live in the same apartment building. Although they all have absolutely nothing in common, in wierd ways, they support each other, mostly without any ethos, pathos or logos at all. Well, at least not in our eyes, and that's why it's funny. They 'connect' in random ways, albeit completely different and all totally absorbed in themselves, individually, they know each other, and so, in their misguided way, they support each other, knowing how each is, but continuing in their loyalty nonetheless.
Friends, I think, has to win for my family, as we've been watching reruns of the series, almost continuously on a thread, for about six years now, and we're still not tired of it.
I think Miranda makes me laugh the most.
There are few sitcoms that I really identify with, so there are few I find funny anymore. Community easily makes me laugh most, with Flight of the Concords and Big Bang Theory sunning second then third. Community really has a way of reaching out to the geek and nerd communities and making them laugh. It's just a great show.
Mr bean, The Big Band Theory and the Simpsons
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