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Which do you prefer, analogue or digital TV?

by Vee (follow)
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By Eckhard Etzold, from Wikimedia Commons

The transition from analogue TV to digital television has been made in NSW, Australia.

Although the number of channels available for viewing has increased, I have yet to notice any other significant difference between the two. Actually, there is one more perceptible difference – when the weather is at play, so is the picture delivered by digital television.

Which do you prefer, analogue or digital TV?

Do you have problems with your television during bad weather?

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Top Answers
No way is analaogue as good as digital!

I have two new tv's and they are brilliant -one occasionally "drops out" however generally they are brilliant with excellent colour and clarity and would not even compare to the old analogue which has not been available in the West for some 8 months now I think.

Anyway we have no choice as analogue is not available! My new tv's are wafer thin also and look fabulous.
by Finy
I would say analogue, simply because since the switchover my video recorder no longer works.
Just get someone to re program your video recorder or better still upgrade to a pvr or a dvd recorder.
by lbowd
.....or buy a 'set-top box', & you'll be able to record your tapes as before. Needs to set-up by an Electrician.
by donjo
Digital for us.

We really have found a difference, and we like the change.
The experience is far much more fun.
Digital for convenience but Analogue for nostalgia's sake

We have the last CRT TV made by LG, which is a 32" widescreen with an HD digital tuner, so we get the high contrast, fast refresh rate and genuine blacks of a CRT with the advantage of digital. We bought it in 2006 and it still stands up well against the latest LCDs. We will replace it with a 4K set when they come down further in price, because they are the next big step in TV technology. I would never go back to analogue and don't miss it at all.
Analogue sounds, and is visually better by a long shot.
The only thing that digital can do is fine tune. Its meant to
help broadband to go much faster. But who needs more than
2G technology for average daily television broadcasting. 10 good
channels of television was better than a multiplicity of media-ocher programms. I believe that Channel 2 was more affordable and better managed \fore its high frequency channel changed to 24. Channel 2-2 used to give free movies on Saturday night on its free-TV for those who chose to watch Digital. Where have they gone since we were forced to have all-Digital TV?. Need I say anything more than Digital was a con?. And the media proved that "You can fool all of the people all of the time"!.
before Channel 2 changed its high frequency to Channel 24.
I"ll bet that the
I've 3 TV's/VCR's/Set-top Boxe's, 2 of which the kids' left when they moved onto their own lives.

When Analog was the go, I could VHS tape-record one TV show, whilst watching another on my big 1983 TV, so effectively for me, having FOUR shows at the one time in that 3 were recorded & 1 live watched!

When Digital came in, I can no longer do as in above para. Grossly annoying, to say the least.

Yet ANOTHER example of something being foisted upon us, with NO choice.
Similar to Unleaded Petrol & Microwave Ovens' WITH Turntables!

With the latter, I was able to buy a flat-base M/W Oven. That was 1982, & it's still being used! It's a really BIG oven, with a shelf, if wanted, to cook multiple dishes at the one time. It's way more efficient that one with a turntable, by virtue of its' manufacture! It's NOT a commercial oven, either!

So Analog for me was far superior!
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