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Which channel has the best news?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Obviously this will differ country to country, but which news do you like to watch and why?

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Top Answers
I think SBS has the best coverage. ABC would get my second vote and Ten's Eyewitness News would get my third.
by Vee
I think SBS World news has the most comprehensive covering.
SBS has the broadest coverage but that said, I hardly get to watch the news - sometimes the tail end of ABC. It's all on too early...
ABC is the most real and indepth for me. Although I end up watching Nine more often. I watch SBS's Italian news also.
Aljazeerah then BBC.
Locally ABC then SBS.
However, best of all is ABC Radio News 24

Definitely not Channel 9 or 7. They have extended their programs to an hour but really the still don't have an hours worth of content. It's filled previews of stories to follow, recaps and of course live reports..."we'll cross live now to our reporter on the scene" in which the reporter will recap what has just been said when really they should be saying, "well I've got nothing new to report, something happened here a few hours ago but I'll make you think that by being here I know something that the other news outlets don't.
Definitely SBS, then ABC, I'd put seven after that.
French news on SBS
Most definitely SBS takes the award here. You get a much broader world coverage that other channels don't pick up. For more local news channel 7 as I prefer the news presenters on this channel
Nine is the best, IMO. Has been since TV first aired with Hugh Cornish reading.

Enjoy 'listening' to Lofty & Melissa, as they've very good 'speaking' voices.
Can't stand the girl on ABC news, or SBS. Seven, I don't watch at all, anytime!
One of the current best was David Kurnow. And the ABC took him off! Idiots! The BEST ever on Oz TV, IMO, were James Dibble & Bruce Webster. They certainly used RP, & we're just tremendous to listen to.

As a S & D student of many years' to Licentiate, to me, voices have to be pleasant, with good enunciation, & non-grating to the ear.

I think THE worst voice I've ever heard on TV was Fran Drescher. Aaaarrrrgh! Just the pits! Couldn't listen to it for ANY length of time, no matter how short it was!

As 'speaking' is one part to acting, it amazes me how some people get a nod to act in a show, with terrible voices. The 'Radio Stars' of yesteryear all had voices you'd no problem listening to for the length of their show.

Just listen in a shopping centre to some women speak. Their voices are raucous, & 'un-educated'. Or 'witnesses' being interviewed on News TV. Can't understand a word they say, as is coupled with accents, & 'lazy' speech, usually.
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