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Which cancelled show would you love to see come back for another season?

by DamienR (follow)
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Each year new shows pop-up, and others die off. One thing is always certain, no show is one hundred percent safe. A lot of great shows have disappeared. If you could have one show come back for an extra season, which would it be?

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Top Answers
Although Star Trek: Enterprise wasn't brilliant compared to the other series, it was beginning to pick up by the 3rd/4th season. A 5th season would have see the start of the Romulan War, which would have been really interesting. Unfortunately it got cancelled, and we ended up with a rushed last episode that did an injustice to the entire series. I would have liked it to have continued into another season, but I think it is too late to be picked up now.
All of the Star Treks deserve another season, if not ten, but none more than Enterprise. I actually haven't seen all of Enterprise, but I remember listening to a stream of angry litanies from many of my friends. My wife really does not like Star Trek - luckily we can geek-out on pretty much any other scifi series - so I started Enterprise, but never got much past the first season. I also had a hard time with the Rod Stewart intro, he just doesn't do it for me.
I like the song, but it doesn't fit Trek. I should have been orchestral.
Out of recently cancelled series, I would love to see Alphas get another go. they had a great cliffhanger ending to the 3rd and final season. I would also really love to see The All-Mighty Johnsons have another season. I absolutely love this NZ show, it was quirky and had a great premise.
Apparently if I like it, they cancel it. So Arrested Development or Bored to Death for me...
Arrested Development ended way too soon. Did you get into the web-series?
Alas no - we can't get Netflix :(
Shows like Friends would always be welcome, but they weren't actually cancelled. One show that was cancelled that I liked was Dead Like Me.
Dead Like Me was great. At least there is the movie so you get to see what the characters are up to a few years on. Dissapointing that they couldn't get the actors playing Rube and Daisy to be in it though.
Dead Like Me was fantastic! I was super sad to see it go.
Actually, if it could only come back for one season, I'd choose 2030 CE. So many unresolved storylines, just as I was getting hooked.
I had never heard of 2030 CE before. I just Googled it, and it sounds very cool. Now I'm going to have to watch it.
Firefly! I'm glad they got to make the movie but they could have done so much more with another season (or six!). Also, an Aussie kid's sci fi show called Silversun which never got a proper ending. More Deadwood would be nice. Also Carnivale. It had a satisfying ending which I was happy with but if they made more I would definitely watch it.
Yes, I'd watch Carnivale and Deadwood if they had new series. Oh,Deadwood, Calamity Jane was definitely no blonde singing Doris Day, and Al Swengeren, was a character you loved to hate, but somehow, as with many characters like him, you got 'hooked'.
I came x Bonanza, omg, the acting was wooden, the stage sets terrible, cowboys with their perfectly laundered clothes, helpless women, there to be saved by them, and the dialogue..... and apparently it lasted for years, as i say, why do we watch american crap,but don't seem to watch our homegrown
by sandw
Heroes. I got so into that show and they just pulled the plug on it and I never got any resolution on the storyline.
Heroes is returning next season for a 7 episode mini-series, so you might get that resolution yet :)
Great news!
Anything so long as it not any more of that reality crap!

Downtown Abbey
I didn't think this show had been cancelled?
Latest is yes, no more TV series', as 'movie' possibly going to be made!
There's rumour of a 'spin-off' series' starring Dame Maggie Smith in her Dowager Duchess role! What a hoot that'd be!
by donjo
I'd like to bring back Gilmore Girls and also Heroes. Both series' had lots of potential for growth.
I've never seen Gilomore Girls, but I did like Heroes. And Heroes is returning next season for a 7 episode mini-series!
Carnivale, from HBO. There were too many loose ends left. It was such a good show, very different from anything else on TV.
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