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What's your Star Trek dream team?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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If you could put together any Starfleet crew, which characters would you pick and why? Would it be based on your favourite characters, who you think are best at their jobs, or which people would work best together as a team?

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Top Answers
Captain: Kathryn Janeway
No 1: Tuvok
Science officer: Jadzia Dax
Pilot: Tom Paris
Chief Engineer: Miles O'Brien
Doctor: EMH
Operations/Communications: Nyota Uhura
Security: Odo
I'm more of a TNG fan :)

Captain: Jean-Luc Picard
No 1: Worf
Science officer: Jadzia Dax
Helm: Data
Chief Engineer: Miles O'Brien
Doctor: EMH
Operations/Communications: Geordi La Forge
Security: Odo
We still share quite a few similarities in choice though.
Captain: William Riker (Picard would be promoted to admiral already)
First Officer: Data
Helm: Hikaru Sulu
Operations: Miles O'Brien
Engineering: Geordi La Forge
Doctor: Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Counselor: Deanna Troi (Married to Riker)
Tactical Officer: Worf
Chief of Security: Odo
Science Officer: Jadzia Dad (Married to Worf)
Ship: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

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