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What's television's greatest achievement?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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What do you think television's greatest achievement in history is? It can either be in terms of technological advancement or in terms of actual storytelling, shows, actors, directors, etc.

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Top Answers
To me it has made the World a much smaller place.

It has shown us all different Countries that a great deal of people would not have ever seen.
It has also shown people all over the world 'how' others live-eat-work, you name it.
It also has I believe brought people together...That was not even possible 65 yrs ago.
For all the very negative things said about it, and there are a few, it has I feel done more good than harm.

Little children have watched shows made just for them.They have learned how to 'count' 'spell' and even 'play' with other's.

It has made them smile, and a lot of the time laugh...Even helped babysit, for a busy Mother while she is sometimes run-off-her-feet!

It has helped the elderly feel less alone, given them comfort and entertainment.

It has sometimes even kept families together, where young men would be out at night with friends, now some stay home...watching their favorite show's in the comfort of home.
It gave us info we would never have seen, unless we waited till the Newspapers ran a story for the next day.People didn't get the news till half a day later.

Now we get it in an instant, and if like 911...even all day, as the story unfold's.
If we never had colour, we would still be miles ahead.

Now we do, and with that we can almost reach out and touch it.We really are taken along for the ride.
We even went to the Moon.We saw famous people killed as it happened with JFK, we saw History in action.
Even today some 55 years of my watching t.v. since I was 5 years old, I still find the concept totally amazing.

Surely, as we have become part of the big world and watch people killed in war or taken in an earthquake, it has left us more connected.

I think we have become a tad more human, because of all we have seen and have a greater understanding that the world does not just belong to one people.We are all in this together.

I'm going to go for the obvious one, and say the creation of colour TV. It revolutionised the way we see shows today. Back and white shows are great, but just imagine all the great programmes we have now without colour. It would be nowhere near as good.
Brilliant Question!!! :)
by jonaja
Thanks, jonaj
I was going to say colour also but nowadays that is nothing compared to the technology around, so perhaps I will go for the fact that it generally runs so smoothly and when you think of all the work that goes into this, it is some achievement that there are not more breakdowns which are very rare nowadays.
by Finy
This might be a cliche:
But I would say the invention of television itself!!
I would say that the internet has surpassed television in shrinking the world and bringing people together, but TV certainly started it. Young people spend more time on the net than watching TV, in fact so do I at the age of 61. Most new sets combine the two of course. In my opinion commercial TV is currently at its lowest point ever.
Brought entertainment into the home, at a low cost, even when had to pay for tv Licence!
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