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What series do you recommend to friends?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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After Breaking Bad finished, we're on the scout for a new series to start watching. We have a pile of DVD's of The Wire (first three seasons) and the Box Set of West Wing but never got round to watching them.

What series are you currently recommending to people on DVD?

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Top Answers
I recommend Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Bored to Death and Parks & Recreation. Also fond of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but we really need some suggestions for new shows for us!
The Newsroom - intelligent, brilliant writing and beautifully cast.
House of Cards - outstanding cast, illuminates the complexities of shady politics
Scandal - drama, romance, action and of course - scandal!
I loved House of Cards....
Revenge, Breaking Bad, Big Bang theory, Greys Anatomy and Mad Men.
Revenge, Breaking Bad, Big Bang theory, Greys Anatomy and Mad Men.
Sons of Anarchy, Chase and The Walking Dead. Yes I like action series to take away the stress of the day.
It always depends on the friend, but some staples would be the Walking Dead, Alphas, The Almighty Johnsons and I've recently gotten into Community which I would also recommend.
Oh! And Arrow!
The West Wing is one of my favourite series and is a must see. However, make sure you watch it before you watch the brilliant House of Cards or it might seem a let-down. The Sopranos is also excellent television.

I would now recommend Veep....it's very funny.
Prison Break. Always Prison Break, or Friends, The Nanny, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I suppose it depends on what you're in the mood for.
by Vee
Broadchurch, starting in feb. on ABC., The Danish version of the Bridge, SBS,
as with the Wire - we watched it about 5 or more years ago, so could be dated I guess, but the most intelligent, confronting series, and the stories we much more than just about baltimore drug scene - subtitles absolutely necessary tho. The actor who played the character Stringer Bell went on to do the Luther series, but it didn't match up to him in the Wire.
I loved the series Silk, hope there is another series, and amongst this there have been some great Oz. series, I think it sad that we generally disregard what we make here, I'd rather watch oz. crap than american crap - at least its our own

Watched the Wire many years ago - brilliant, but definitely need subtitles.
I'm a watcher of as much oz. series as possible.
Janet King, The Code, Rake (failed in america, why am i surprised?) The Slap.
These were all brilliant oz. series, as good as most from o/s, but to me, we are so americanised that we ignore our own.

None on DVD. I do watch ABC series on iview though. Whatever their showing. Janet king, The Walking Dead, The UK, House of Cards, Rake, Coroner, New Blood, Luther, Scott & Bailey, Indian Summers, etc. I don't bother white U.S. shows, but i love the Oz & UK series. 1 of my sisters was a big fan of West Wing, I didn't ever watch it. I don't worry about DVD/s.
by Miro
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