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What is the scariest tv show you have ever seen?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma ~ Eartha Kitt.

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Have you ever watched a tv show that you found terrifying? If so, what was it?
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Top Answers
The Outer Limits was ....out there! in the 1960's

Loved 'Outer Limits' as a kid. Got both DVD's now.
by donjo
I don't tend to watch horror shows; they are not my thing. When I do see horror programmes, however, I don't tend to get scared, but rather just feel unsettled.
I remember being scared stiff watching Doctor Who as a kid. It had really dodgy effects and costumes back then but I didn't know any different at that age. I kept watching it anyway, because it was a very safe way to be scared if you know what I mean.
I was terrified of the daleks and would scream & my mum would tell me not to watch it. My kids find this hilarious because even the new flying exploding daleks are considered 'lame'
Luther has caused me to get very scared at night - it messes with your head. I had to check my car backseat before getting in it, the other night because of something I watched a month ago!!
Hi Lydia......I loved 'Luther'! Excellent acting by all the cast, & good, tight script. There's a new Series (4?) coming soon on tv.

Idris Alba's first tv role was 'Ultraviolet', all about vampires! It was more 'spooky' than 'Luther'! The cast was absolutely excellent; typically BBC.
by donjo
Idris Elbe. "Alba" makes for an accidental racist pun.

Ultraviolet was excellent.
Lol I mispelled it too. Elba.
American Horror Story (the first season) I found creepy and it resulted in quite a few really weird dreams. The following two seasons weren't nearly as creepy though.
by Gwen
the first EXCORCIST could not sleep for days after carried my crufix everywhere
and slept with the light on and do not have the guts to watch part 2 or 3
The Exorcist was an actual movie and not a TV show that created mixed emotions world wide when released. I was a teenager at the time and remember well when it was released. The scariest one I remember was the original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits series. Even the latest ones now don't even come close to these two.
As a kid, I was petrified of the X Files. My sister and I would watch it when our mum went out on a Wednesday night and our dad fell asleep on the couch. We would then think we'd heard something at the door and worry we'd be kidnapped. These days I cringe at the ads for American Horror Story.
by Vee
'Trilogy of Terror' with the late Karen Black. Watch it, if you can! It's actually excellent.

Also movie to tv 'The Awakening' with Charlton Heston & Stephanie Zimbalist. Talk about giving one a good dose of 'heebie-jeebie's........
P.S. Have 'Outer Limits' & 'The Twilight Zone' DVD's.
by donjo
I've no idea now, but I'd always watched Luther on iview when it was on.
Great show. But now in my late 60's, I can't watch creepy shows!!!
by Miro
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