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What do you think of makeover shows?

by Vee (follow)
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The Swan makeover
Image sourced from http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2012/05/gallery-the-15-craziest-reality-tv-makeovers#2

Bridalplasty, Extreme Makeover and The Swan are just a handful of television shows that take ‘ugly’ women and transform them into ‘beautiful’ women. Whatever that means. Although I do not agree with or approve of the ideas and attitudes promoted by such programmes, I have to admit that I enjoy watching them.

What do you think of makeover shows? Do you enjoy watching them or do you steer clear of them?

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Top Answers
These shows bother the hell out of me. I'm okay with mild makeover shows like 'What not to Wear' because this type of show is more about confidence. They are always saying "work with what you have" not "This is what's wrong with you, let's change it". I think that is an important distinction. There is a large difference between 'looking your best will make you feel confident' and 'looking perfect will make you feel perfect'.
I am OK with shows like "What Not To Wear" but these shows that perform surgery are a no, no. I can understand fixing crooked teeth but breast augmentation, butt implants, nose job are too much. What happens when the show ends? Are they able to keep it up? They need mental help not surgery.
by Gia
Perfectly said Gia!
by Vee
I agree roundly with both of you.
by Rice
I think Gok Wan's 'How to Look Good Naked' is good, because it helps give bigger women more confidence and more comfortable in their own bodies. It is also interesting to watch 'Ten Years Younger', in which women who have prematurely aged get a makeover to make them look the age they are.

Other than that I don't like makeover shows, especially if it is ones like you mentioned above. I personally think the woman in the before image looks pretty, and far better than she does with al the fakeness applied.
I agree Bryony. There is a natural beauty in the first image.
by Vee
Gok Wan? Pfffft!
by donjo
I've watched a few episodes of Extreme Makeover when it first came on the air years ago but I found it boring and haven't watched it since.
I really used to like these shows.
I find it amazing what can be done with a face and a lot of make up, and changing the way someone dresses.
That is perhaps why I like Biggest Loser as I find it fascinating in seeing the person at the end all dolled up, and seeing how they looked before they went on the show -half the time it does not look like the same person, and they look so wonderful afterwards.

I guess almost anyone can be made to look attractive with the right make up and hairdresses etc
by Finy
There's always that hope, Finy. LOL. Are you watching Bringing Sexy Back? Last week's episode with the trucker was pretty darn cool!
by Vee
No didnt watch it Vee, as it looked stupid -also I dont like the title! I am also getting sick of commercial channels running late
by Finy
Various Shows' title SHOULD read, 'I Have No Confidence In Me'.

They need psych. appointments, not 'makeover' ones!

When all the 'glitz & glamour' is gone, are they WORSE off than before?
Those persons' don't have the money, usually, to 'keep-up' with the 'improvements'.

IMO, these shows are 'trading-off' participants' insecurities' & as such, are woeful!
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