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What Do You Think of Gotham?

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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Gotham is now airing in Australia, to mostly mixed reviews?

It's an origin series going right back to when Bruce Wayne aka Batman was a young boy and witnessed the shooting of his parents. Rookie cop on the scene is James (Jim) Gordon, who goes on to be a regular in the Batman comics and films, and who gets a starring role in this TV spin off. Due to the era this series is set in, this is not solely the origin tale for Batman; DC Comic fans will be treated to some of the backstories for characters such as the Penguin, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and several others.

Gotham TV series
The cast of Gotham. Image: Wikipedia

Have you tuned in yet? What do you think of the show so far?

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Top Answers
I haven't seen it yet but I like the idea. Selena Kyle looks just right.
I agree, Selena Kyle is one thing Gotham got very very right!
I do not like it at all, it is a boring remake of something great and pretty incredible when you see a servant of the family bringing up the future Batman and even teaching him fencing, what a crock or rot!
I wanted to watch this primarily because I like Benjamin McKenzie, but I missed the first episode and usually can't get into a series once that's happened. Is it any good?
by Vee
If you're a fan of crime dramas, then you will probably like it.
I wish I had missed the first ep. May check it out anyway.
by Vee
So far I'm not a fan. I really wanted to like this and was really excited but acting is a bit cardboard and I'm just not gripped by it. I'm going to give it another couple of weeks and then might give it up.
Vee - you've not missed too much yet just the introduction of characters that you can catch up on.
I'm not interested in Batman, but I think this sounds like a great show for any Batman fan.
I watched the first episode and I liked everyone except Gordan and his partner, who are both obviously main characters. Admittedly, it was a letdown for me.
It's pretty good from what I've seen so far. The penguin has been well selected, he has the perfect look for the part. Definitely worth watching. Most shows are repeated as "Encores" so if you have missed it check the tv guide to see if it's on another night.
It just looked like a bad crime drama to me. Not my kind of show.
The Dark Knight trilogy really reinvented the wheel and I find it hard to accept any other adaptation. I feel the same with the new Spiderman films - Toby McGuire really sold it to me.
I like the concept, the sets and costumes, the art direction - these are all top notch. Where the show is let down for me is the writing and acting. The writing, for my money, is too obvious, hitting the audience over the head with that whole, 'this character is going to grow up to be cat woman, so we'll act her Kat, get it? Eh? Eh?' 'Oh enigma, enough with the RIDDLES already, GET IT AUDIENCE. Riddles'. I don't really like shows that treat me like an idiot, and I feel this show does treat the audience like they are too dim to work it out for themselves. Possibly as a result of this kind of hyper-expose style of writing, or perhaps it's the direction, at times the acting suffers. I think conceptually it's great and had a lot of potential that it is yet to reach.
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