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What Do You Think of Andrew on Sunrise?

by Kiesten McCauley (follow)
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Andrew O'Keefe, Co-host of Sunrise.

I really love it when Andrew O'Keefe is hosting channel seven's Sunrise. I think he is the best one on the show by far. He's smart, funny, humane and keeps the show moving along without waffling. He brings logic and sanity back to discussions where an interest group is trying to spread misinformation, but he's polite about the way he handles it.

What do you think of Andrew? Do you like him more than David or less?

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Top Answers
Was thinking just the same thought this morning .... wouldn't it be great if we could wake up to Andrew O'Keefe every morning instead of Kochie. His quick wit makes the show so much more entertaining and he and Sam present a more enjoyable show. I usually mute the tv when Kochie is on and just watch for the stories I'm interested in.

Much prefer Kochie. He's more down to earth but does have a sense of humour. Andrew thinks too much of himself.

I have to agree, Andrew is a total show off.
by jonaja
I think he is great on Deal or No Deal.
I do myself prefer David, I need someone serious for (my taste) on in the morning.
We are talking News & Opinions, and Andrew (for me) is not as serious.
I like David, he is well grounded in what one can say and shouldn't say.
The morning news for me is serious, David also has a fun side, but more
If I want fun and games, I will wait for Deal or No Deal.
All I can say is .. Please Bring Kochie back!!
I can't say I've seen Andrew on Sunrise (Deal or No Deal is far too much for me), but he's got to be better than David Koche.
by Vee
I agree with the blurb on Andrew. He is much more user friendly than artificial and not so funny Kochie
I find Kochie stale not really entertaining even grating on the eyes as he tries to carry the show.
A change would be most welcome.
Definately MORE he is a breath of fresh air
I think he's great. He is much more enjoyable to watch than Kochie. He has a sense of humour and is also intelligent (I think he used to be a lawyer) and is a good interviewer. Actually, I like Sunrise more when the 2 main presenters are on holidays i.e. both Sam & Kochie. They get others as the main presenters like Andrew, Natalie Barr etc. and I think they totally outshine Sam & Kochie. Time for a change channel 7??? You were quick to get rid of Melissa Doyle when it suited you.....

I can't stand him, can't wait for kochie to be back
Agree with Dimin. I can't stand Kochie for some reason. I think he is a bit boisterous. Andrew on the other hand is awesome for all the reasons Dimin has pointed out.
If anyone on channel 7 is listening: We want more of Andrew O'Keefe! :)
Breath of fresh air, I dislike David Koch intensely, is arrogance and condescending attitude is dissappointing an it amazes me why Seven persist with him.Cant wait for him to retire sooner the better then Sunrisebcan rise again
Kotchie should have stuck to economics, he tries to rope in any and all into a morning show that sadly has become very boring.
by farle
Breath of fresh air, I find David Koch stale, arrogant with a condescending attitude. It amazes me why Seven persist with him.Cant wait for him to find another sunrise somewhere else.
I agree. We love Andrew? Great sense of humour and asks very intelligent and well researched questions. Hope Kochie retires soon.

Always friendly and he always has a smile ,David sometimes comes up grumpy and some of the looks he gives his fellow work mates ,Wow if looks could kill ,while Andrew will laugh with them Stay as you are Andrew love you on the show.

I find him really interesting and he has a great scene of humour. I really enjoy weekend sun rise because he's hosting it.

I like his energy and sense of fun

Andrew is totally disrespectful making jokes at serious topics/issues. I can't stand his voice, his laughter and his casual approach to news. Get him off because he is definitely the weak link to morning news.
A know all. Arrogant. Makes jokes of everything. Irritating. Probably a little easier to watch than Koch. We like channel 7 however
Irritating in that he laughs at nothing or interupts with a small mans need for attention.
When he fills in for someone on Sunrise I am left wondering why they chose him
I change channels when Andrew Keefe is on. He is pompous, big headed and that false laugh really turns me off. He should wear a T-shirt saying "I love Andrew".
Do not like him at all

I love Andrew, he is always happy and puts a smile on my face, I wouldn't like to see any other person in his spot.

Sunrise is a good program except when Andrew is on. He lacks credibility, always talks over the other panel members and gives the impression the show is all about him. He would make an excellent night time entertainment host aka David Letterman, but thankfully Channel 7 run so many ads, I'd prefer to watch the ads than O'Keefe, - seriously, I always switch channel when he is on.
I don't like him on anything! Arrogant, pompous, irritating, overbearing, rude, smug... Maybe I should say what I really think?
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