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What do expats do with their DVDs when emigrating?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Australia's DVD system is in region 3, but with a lot of Aussies coming to Britain (which is region 2) and Britons moving to Australia, what do you do with your DVD collection? It seems like such a waste of money that they are no longer playable where you are moving to. Has anyone had this problem? What did you do? Sell them, get a region free DVD player? Did you have to rebuild your collection?

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I have a region free DVD player. They should just be standard. It's silly. I bought a couple of DVDs when I lived in the UK and I can still play them here in Australia. If I buy them online I never have to worry about where they're from.
It is silly. I think they do it simply as a way of controlling customers.
I don't plan on emigrating, but if I did, I would get a region free DVD player; I couldn't bare the thought of having to replace my entire collection.
Keep them and purchase a region-free DVD player. Too easy.
by Vee
We bought our DVDs, TV and DVD player with us, so we can still play them on that TV and DVD player :-)

by Tina
Aren't the plug sockets different though? I've seen plug adaptors for people travelling on holiday because the sockets need a different kind of plug/fitting/wiring. Maybe that's only with America.
One thing I've done with DVDs that my children outgrew or movies that we just felt we'd no longer watch, was to donate them to my local public library. This effectively had a threefold action, inasmuch as 1/ we could still borrow them along with everybody else, if we changed our mind; this also recycles them; we have also donated them to Salvos or Vinnies, which again recycles them and earns them good dollars too in the meanwhile. The other, if you have the time and the patience, is to sell them on Amazon or fishpond, which both have DVD sections. Not sure how you'd go with ebay or Gumtree? I've found that in the end, I'd rather give to charity, as we've done really well from our local charity shops (it's nice to give back); I also get a good feeling, giving to the library, as our local is small and I know that libraries are mostly underfunded, I like the idea of extending their collection for them. Finally, when we've had Bali or China DVDs bought on various trips, they can't be donated to the library, or charity, really, so the other option is to use them as 'scarecrows', drill holes in them, hang them in your fruit trees, and (mostly) watch the birds stay away from all that precious fruit you've been waiting on! If you bring them all with you, from o/s, you can use adaptors for your electronics. I've known a few UK expats to do that. Also, DVDs from any region, can be played in computers, so my children informed me, which we proved, when one of them purchased me a much loved movie, online and the correct region wasn't available. The other thing, is that alot of people now have smart tvs or tivo, apple tv or t box, so in alot of instances, the transportation of DVDs is no longer applicable. Hope this helps someone; as we move often, my family & I have become quite proficient in Zen & the art of home maintenance. c&c
Yes most countries will have difference plugs, but we use an adaptor. We know some people that have changed the plugs. We can use our electronic items we bought with us from overseas, because the country we moved from & the country we moved to have the same voltage.
by Tina
Thanks, Tina
I've bought many DVD's when travelling to various countries, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK & USA.
Have Region-free DVD player & have NEVER had a problem playing the DVD's!
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