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Under the Dome, Opinions?

by DamienR (follow)
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Under the Dome season 2 is just ramping up. What have you thought of the series so far? What attracted you to the show? The book, Stephen King’s name, a preview?

If you’ve never seen the show, here's the season 1 trailer for you to check out:

If you haven’t seen the show before, has the trailer just sucked you in?

Under the Dome novel cover

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Top Answers
I loved the book, so I was super excited about the series. Admittedly, the show doesn't live up the book, but it's still entertaining. The plot deviates from book and heads in a more science fiction direction. The show is certainly worth checking out, but if you expect it to be like the book, you may be disappointed.
Books are usually turned into movies rather than series; I'm not sure how well it would work. What do you do once you come to the end of the book? Cancel the show or continue making up your own thing? As Damien has said, they have deviated from the plot quite a lot, so it can work for a TV show.
I love Stephen King but hadn't heard of the book before the show came out. I'm quite enjoying the show but am getting a bit annoyed with all my favourite characters being killed off. I have since tried to read the book but it differs so much from the show it was a struggle. I'm now used to the way the characters are portrayed in the show I think! Which is a shame.
It's deviated a lot from the plot, so I'm now interested to see where it goes. Some of the acting has been a little cardboard, but overall I'm still interested in it.
I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding the cardboard acting. I truly hope that the cast can find a rhythm because the show has potential however the acting, and in my opinion the writing, needs to be stepped up.
Gave up on the first series because it was so painfully slow and devoid of original thought. More like a soap than Sci Fi. In short, only for the easily pleased.
I didn't know that it was a book by King, although I am not a huge fan. I did watch a few episodes, but just couldn't get into it. Apologies to all the fans of the show.
We watched several episodes but I lost interest quickly. Not a fan of all that weirdo fiction stuff! Sorry to those who enjoy it but it'd be a boring world if we all liked the same thing, wouldn't it?
I really liked the book but am not a fan of the show.
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