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The Bachelor AU: Have Amber's tantrums been justified?

by Vee (follow)
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Blake has only just recently invited Amber on a date. Leading up to this proposal, Amber has often "thrown her toys out of the pram". While the other bachelorettes feel her displays have been unwarranted, obviously Amber disagrees. What do you think of Amber's tantrums, and do you think Blake gave her a rose this week out of pity?

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Top Answers
Ah No she is a bitch. But most are drama queens on the show. My favourite is Chantal as she seems to be the most 'normal' all over. Not too bitchy, not too glamourous, nice and calm - not moody. She seems fun and genuine. So most likely he won't pick her!!
I'm in complete agreement with you, LOL.
by Vee
Oh Vee -I have at last found someone who watches this show!
I am not watching it -do you think I should -is it not pathetic that all the people in it are beautiful?
It is not natural -the world is not just full of lovely women and men!
by Finy
Honestly, Finy, I watch it for the drama and for a good laugh! No, the world it represents does not reflect reality - most of the women are pretty, and so is the man - but then again, not much of the 'reality' television we see is real. Also, I think it serves as a good reminder that even the beautiful people in our world struggle and have a not so pretty side, LOL.
by Vee
Ooh, in response to your question - if you've got nothing on, turn on the TV and leave it to play in the background. That's what I do.
by Vee
and what do you do while it plays in the background!!! I just keep eating -no, no, no, I am not going to have another ice cream.
Oh, but I want one.
No, no, no -had one already.
hmmmmm-my dogs wont answer me so I might as well talk to myself....hehehe
by Finy
LMAO Finy, you make me laugh. I am eating a sandwich as I type this. I write of course or play games on my phone. I have really been making an effort not to eat out of boredom. Problem is, I end up biting my nails!
by Vee
sorry -didnt mean to write another reply on your question!
Yes I play games but due to waking up in the middle of the night with scrabble and other games going through my head -i am stopping the games around 8 pm as I read this can happen.
Which leaves computer and I write half the day, so dont do a lot at night unless I am real bored. but you have a husband to talk to!
by Finy
I was thinking, 'Is she trying to accumulate more kama?!' Hahaha. If only Finy, he works three nights and week and goes to sleep around 8:30 pm two nights a week, so that leaves me with the computer, the television and my phone. Or a book, if I'm reading.
by Vee
hmmm, well better than the man I was with -didnt speak to me -cooked him these beautiful meals and I think only once in ten years dfid he thank me or say it was good! AND then he started drinking AND went to bed at 8 pm -LOL -can u see why I am single.///and guess what -time to eat again....yipee -just did a nice recipe that many Aussies will not like!
by Finy
That's disheartening. Do you reckon there are any good ones left out there? lol. What the heck did you make? LOL!
by Vee
cant remember now as it was ages ago
by Finy
LOL, I mean 'nice recipe that many Aussies will not like!'
by Vee
aussis often say YUK to food and I was brought up that NO food is YUK! If YOU dont like it, it is not yuk
by Finy
I don't know if I can agree with you, Finy, lol. Is there anybody in the world who really enjoys eating lamb eyeballs?
by Vee
Or bull's penis? Come on, lol. There's a reason Andy chewed that bad boy for over half an hour before decided to swallow a chunk whole.
by Vee
I'm not a fan of the Bachelor at all, nor Big Brother and so on. They defy reality to the point that I can't watch those kinds of shows. Actually, I guess it's not how the show defies reality, it's the reality the show portrays. That reality repulses me. Just my 2 cents, I know other feel different.
Actually Damien, I completely agree with you. It just doesn't repulse me to the point that I cannot watch it, LOL.
by Vee
Amber does not interest me at all. She is 'herself' around the women but presents a false side to Blake.She does not have chance and will soon go. The reaction of the group date kiss was very interesting. Chantal was very detached! Lauren's tirade was brilliant but the way she backed down when Blake just charmed her back into line when she should have stood by her standards disappointed me.The women let him off lightly,he tries to make out he's a SNAG (sensitive new age guy) but his excuse that they were 'in the moment' was pathetic,he was totally to blame. I have come back to my initial impression of him as 'wet' ,now I add serial womaniser to my judgement.A group date is not an orgy Blake! He's got so vain and horny with all these estrogen charged women coming on to him he can no longer focus.How long before he has sex with one of them 'in the moment'.

lindy, I agree with you, Amber is duplicitous, and the games she was up to during the baking scene were telling. I cannot believe the other girl, whose name escapes me now, apologised for ‘accusing’ Amber of sabotage, when it was Amber who suggested she would do it. Idiot. I hope she goes soon, but will miss laughing at her stupidity. I like Chantal, she’s intelligent, funny and down to earth.
I was disappointed by the way Laurina backed down as well, but I suppose we can view her actions as a decision not to back down and let Jess get away with what she did.
I think Jessica was partly to blame for the kiss on the group date. After all, it takes two to tango. However, I completely disagree with Blake’s decision to kiss all the girls. I think he’s simply taking advantage. Do you remember when stealing a kiss on the Bachlor was rare? Like you said, he’s so invested now, he can’t remain objective.

by Vee
Amber is a drama queen and I don't think Blake has seen this yet as he's been taking advantage of them and who wouldn't in that position. He seems to have the hots for Zoe. I like Louise the best she's pretty, intelligent and easy to get on with. The finale will be interesting. I think he should take each of the girls out though as some haven't been given the opportunity yet.
I agree. I don't think it's fair that each of the girls haven't had the same opportunity to get to know Blake.
by Vee
It just shows how negative and rude she is. Is Amber a real woman? Because she looks like a transvestite.
never watch it
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