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Should DVDs and Online TV be Region Free?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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DVDs and Blu-ray are divided into regions so that you can only watch certain discs in certain countries. Do you think this is fair? Many programmes aren't made available in all regions, preventing some people from seeing them. There is also the issue of migration. If you move from one country to another, your collection becomes unplayable.

And then there is online television. Channels like the BBC are regional and can't be seen outside certain countries. Do you think they should be viewable worldwide?

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Top Answers
Yes. It sometimes throws me when I buy a DVD and they mention to make sure you can play region 5 or whatever, and I'm surprised that that's still a thing since my DVD player can just play any DVD. If region free players exist and are legal (I assume mine was since we just bought it in a shop) then it seems pointless not to just make them standard. Irritating consumers who just want to pay for things legally sometimes drives them to piracy.

BBC and ABC iView I can understand being regional though, since the logic is that they are paid for by taxpayers of Britain and Australia respectively and as such should only be available to the citizens of those nations.
I find it extremely irritating when DVDs are only available in a certain region. For example; there are many Golden Age cartoons by Hanna Barbera and Disney that are only available in region 1. Surely the industry is limiting its market by only allowing people from certain countries to buy the DVDs?
I think this is something that will come into play in the near future. Companies can't keep putting regional restrictions on devices or media as we become more of a global community. The internet as effectively changed the way the world needs to work in this respect, and the change becomes more evident with each new technological step we take.
yes it's stupid, what's the point?
Great idea, but it all comes down to technology and money.
So if it were possible, it would happen....Everything cost's millions to develop,
to have that one world system, is a lot of tech and money.
Maybe one day, but the need is not great enough, that's the reason.
But it is possible. There are region free DVDs and players out there; they are just not made widely available because industries want to regulate where and what you can watch.
uumm typical isn't it!
by jonaja
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