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Reality TV, love it or hate it?

by DamienR (follow)
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Reality TV used to rule. You couldn’t turn on your TV without hearing about Big Brother or Survivor, but not so much anymore. Sure, shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race are still around, but networks seem to be making the move back to fictional story-based programming again. Are reality shows going the way of the dodo? Are you still watching them?

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Top Answers
I love watching Strictly Come Dancing, but I hate most other reality shows such as The X-Factor, and I'm a Celebrity. They're nothing but hype for newspapers to gossip about and find revealing rumours about. Strictly, on the other hand, is quality entertainment, where the celebs learn something great at the end of it.
I'd say 'reality TV' isn't going anywhere. It is cheaper and faster for networks to produce and shows like Honey Boo Boo illustrate that there is an audience for almost anything.
I am on the "love it AND hate it" team for reality shows. Some (okay, probably most) reality shows are terrible, but some are really great. As mentioned, shows like The Block and other reno shows can be fun to watch and informational at the same time. There are also really great shows like Hope For Wildlife that are great and don't come with all of the gossip-mongering or attempt to create new celebrities. I think the best type of reality shows are the ones where the stars don't have to 'perform' and can just be themselves doing whatever they love to do.
To me it feels as if the reality TV world isn't slowing down at all - people seem to love watching people....I enjoy some of these shows, the ones that have a purpose, and where the contestants create something that can be inspirational. Cooking shows for example, and home renovation shows like The Block which contain actual and useful information.
I miss The Block so much! I have my guilty reality show pleasures, mostly reno shows. The Block was on our reno station, HGTV, for a season or two but that was it.
Love Survivor! Love to hate the way reality shows suck me in, and when I know I could be doing other things but know I'm not going anywhere!
I hate them. Except for Strictly, but that's only because I like dancing. All the others are just cheap shows to fill airtime and gather ad revenue. Lowest common denominator TV.
There are quite a few reality shows I enjoy, like Australia's Next Top Model, and others that make me cringe, like Beauty and the Geek Australia. Generally, I don't mind them, but I'd prefer networks didn't do so many of the same format (like all the talent shows). The ones that aren't about competitions are often the best.
I am well and truly over reality shows. They work to a formula and it's getting very predictable. I can usually tell who's going to be voted off Survivor early in the show. And as for the way they show us something, then show someone being interviewed about it, dreadful. Australian reality shows are the worst at that, especially Masterchef and The Block.
I love watching The Voice when it's on, and occasional episodes of Survivor, but otherwise I'm not that interested in the reality genre.
I hope they are going - but they seem to be all that's on at the moment. I don't get it. We had a dinner party and everyone talked about Masterchef. Until that moment, I genuinely thought only kids watched that show. I can't believe adults don't go nuts with how repetitive and stupid it is...
When I finally got into 'My Kitchen Rules', I really enjoyed it. I then quickly got over it when I read that parts of it were scripted. So much for reality! I do enjoy watching 'American Pickers' though, but reality shows akin to 'Big Brother' are my pet hate. Trash. Trash. Trash.
by Vee
I hate it. It is rubbish, cheap programming. There is very little reality about it. All the contestants are carefully chosen the fit certain stereotypes that they need for the programme to work. For example they need ditsy blondes who can't sing but are bubbly, middle aged women who they know will burst into tears when they are told they are out, a cute Bieber look alike, an overweight person who won't get to the end, but can sing etc. Most of the singing is of the bawling ballad genre with vocal gymnastics in place of real singing skill. The judges are all playing their character more or less to a script. Then we get on to the other shows that follow the same formula, but with a weight loss theme or a survival theme and so on. Viewers are being conned. The money should be spent on Australian drama and comedy in my opinion.
oh so true
by sandw
I dislike most, or perhaps many of them, and there are just a few that I watch,.
I actually sometimes watch Big Brother as I find it fascinating to see how people re act in this situation.

I also watch Biggest Loser, and Embarrassing Bodies however no longer watch either the cooking shows, dating shows, building shows, talent shows, dancing shows etc even though I did at one stage.

They are just so overdone with every second one being a reality show!
I would rather watch a UK programme -they are far classier.
by Finy
There are some that are good like talent competitions but most are terrible. They seem to perpetuate bad behavior
by Gia
My daughter tells me Gogglebox is kinda interesting
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