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Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder - Did you watch it?

by Vee (follow)
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Image sourced from http://www.abc.net.au/tv/programs/obsessive-compulsive-hoarder/

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder aired on the ABC in February 2015.

The documentary film followed the story of a man who is arguably the UK's most extreme hoarder.

Did you watch the program? If so, what were your thoughts?

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Top Answers
For a short period my wife and I watched a similar show called "Hoarders" where each 1-hour long episode featured a person with a hoarding problem as their family and friends attempted an intervention. The show provides a psychologist who specializes in hoarding cases, and a clean-up crew who assist in removing the hoard, assuming the hoarder agrees to the process. We couldn't watch more than a couple of episodes, it was too sad.
I watched the same series. I know, these people and their families are really affected.
by Vee
I watched this, and it was difficult seeing the way this man suffered - physically and emotionally. It as great seeing the community - that once condemned him - rally around to help and support him.
by Vee
I don't watch the show anymore, but I have seen episodes in the past. To a degree, I understand, because I am always reluctant to get rid of things on the basis of either 'I might need it later' or 'I don't want to create waste by throwing it in the bin', 'or it might be worth something in the future'. But the extent to which they hoard is quite upsetting because of how much it negatively affects their (and the people they live with) lives.
I find it quite fascinating that anyone can get to such a degree, however I do not regularly watch it as it is the same all the time.

I do enjoy it as I almost find it hard to believe when you see the rubbish in the front yard as well.

I once knew someone like that and to get into her rooms you had to be young and agile, and she was not! She had very little room to even sit however it was at a time when I was a collector, and she had some fabulous things that made me go back and climb several times!
by Finy
You were a collector, Finy? Wait until I tell my husband. He is going to be so excited he may even join HG.
by Vee
YES I watched every episode. They were all a lot of older & a lot worse, in their collecting then my self. We can at least get into our house, & there is plenty of room to walk around, but I canít let anyone in here to fix up things or renovate, mainly because of all the paper/s I have, & things Iíve been collected for making handmade greeting cards, & garage bags full of cloths waiting to be ironed, & about 40 handbags, to match everything I used to wear (& donít wear anymore!) but now I wear only floral dresses, & 1 small black handbag with a bit of white on it, which matches all of the dresses. Enough said! I canít write anymore about that. Sorry, !Iíve gone right of the point of the question here! I was only asked, if I watched the show. Yes, that was why I watched it.
by Miro
LOL, all good miro_. Thanks for contributing.
by Vee
Yes to see how bad one can get with collecting, hoarding, saving.
My wife says I am a hoarder but upon watching the program I would think not.
I do tend to collect things that appeal to me, or hold on to things like magazines or brochures often claiming to have kept the item for reference
My wife still insists I hoard, but not to the degree where it can be regarded as an unhealthy interest hobby or other.
I can see her point of view as I tend to collect many things which in itself could be considered as hoarding.
It may be a man thing"I am not sure".

Interestng Farley. Apparently the difference between collecting and hoarding is that the latter is an obsessive compulsive disorder. Hoarding 'gets in the way' of life, and those who hoard are often embarrassed by their habit. For more information see http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/hoarding-buried-alive/about-the-show/hoarding-collecting/. It sounds to me like your a collector, not a hoarder! ;-)
by Vee
What's with hoarders, & newspapers?

I moved from a hi-set home of 29 Squares each level, to a low set home one-eighth that size. Got stuff still in cartons as this house has NO cupboards! Have got furniture, & cartons in storage 6x3 m cubicles.

Can move through house, no problems. Have got things stored & organised as best as possible in circumstances, which are pathetic. Don't have friends round, as nowhere for them to sit! My 'Dining Table' is 2half feet square!

It has good security, my first priority, is solid, & has a large split-level backyard which I enjoy. It's close to all my former 'haunts', has a park opposite with beautiful trees, & is in a quiet location.

It's a roof over my head, & I'm grateful for that, because some people don't even have such a thing.
So did you watch the program, donjo? LOL.
by Vee
Yes, Vee, watched all of them, & was grateful I'm NOT in their various situations!
by donjo
I did see this one and others, it makes me feel icky.

I am the total opposite, and I know of a woman who is one.
She had a wonderful home, then it all started to get crazy.

Just totally sad how they feel, and they Need some big help.Plus it's a death trap to live like that.
Hats off to the Camera guy, Big Time!
I know, right? I would have felt so claustrophobic.
by Vee
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