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Nudity on TV - How much is too much?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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How much nudity do you think is acceptable in a television show? Does it make a difference whether it is male or female nudity that is depicted? Is there are a particular time of night before which you think nudity should not be shown, or do you think it should be restricted to particular channels?

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Nude statues. Image by Yoel, from Morguefile.

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I was told this image was too graphic for HubGarden! LOL! I don't want to see exposed breasts, buttocks or penises. Implied nudity - within certain time frames - is ok. Good question, Jennifer.
by Vee
Really? By whom? I thought it would be okay because it is clearly of a couple of marble statues and not real people. I guess the TVode editor thought so too because he allowed it, but I can ask him to change it.
I can't remember at the moment - it was a while ago. I think it is ok. They are only statues after all, lol.
by Vee
It depends on the time and the channel. SBS screens a lot of foreign films which I'd miss if they couldn't show them just because of the odd sex scene. I don't want to see porn on tv, but I have no problem with nudity (not the same thing) provided that those who want to avoid it can (no boobs and penises in the middle of the evening news or on kids shows). They have warnings at the beginning of shows to warn you if there is going to be nudity, explicit language, drug use etc. I'd also consider nudity acceptable in the context of breastfeeding.
I welcome breastfeeding (of babies) nudity at any time. Good point there too.
by Vee
Buttocks is okay if it is shown in a non-sexual scene - some comedies (such as the Vicar of Dibley) rated 12 have such scenes, and I don't think it is a problem. Breasts only after water shed hours, and penises/vaginas should be restricted to watershed hours and only on adult channels. The exception I give is if it is an educational programme.
Good point re. educational shows. I remember one a few years ago, I think by the BBC, called the human body, which showed a large number of people of different ages nude, and it was wonderful to see such a range of different body types. I found it reassuring to see that "normal" is such a broad range.
I think nudity in an educational context is fine but sexual nudity should be restricted to late at night, if at all. I was watching a show with Gordon Ramsey where he went to take a shower and showed his butt. It was really not necessary.
by Gia
by Vee
The quality is not good, it is 98% female bodies exposed, and most of it is unnecessary. So, the answer must be Yes.

WHY the need? Implied is better. Interesting that a female can be shown frontal, but not a male. Maybe a male is way too ugly!
People really get OTT with issue of nudity; there's a saying 'standard equipment'.
Nudity enough is when it really has no bearing on what is being depicted just for the sake of NUDITY.
Otherwise turn the TV off or change the channel.

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