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My Kitchen Rules - Love it or Hate it?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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You can't turn on the radio at the moment without someone from the show being interviewed, or just the announces talking about it. Twitter comes alive when it's on, with people discussing what's happening (#MKR).

I've never watched it but I don't get the obsession.

Do you watch it? Love it or hate it?

#My Kitchen Rules
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Top Answers
I don't watch it. I have and disliked it. They play up the crazy personalities way too much, and do too many interview cuts... you know, where they get someone to talk to camera about what they've just shown you anyway.
The repetition drives me mad on those shows!
I hadn't heard of it until you posted this, but then last night I saw it on Sky Living, so watched it. It is quite good. Two women prepared an Italian cuisine for three judges, and the other contestants, and everyone gave the starter, main, and dessert a score out of 10.
I love it and hate it, so I don't watch all the episodes, just one every now and then. I love the cooking aspect of it and the creativity and even the judges, but honestly I don't see the point in all the back-stabbing that goes on and nasty comments of contestants towards other contestants. That is what keeps me from watching it more often, because there is too much of it going on.
I dislike the fact that the show now uses two groups of contestants. You begin to watch the series getting to know one lot of contestants all vying against each other, and then become familiar with their personalities.

They then inject another group to watch at the point when you begin to lose interest and are watching the show fleetingly.

I'm just never going to be able to connect to the 2nd group in the same way as the first; therefore making the first lot mini celebrities with 5mins more fame than the 2nd group.
Like it but what are the odds of every contestant on every show over the entire series finishing plating up in the last 3 seconds. Too stage managed.
It does draw you in but cannot believe the 2 contestants from W.A. are so blind and dim-witted to believe that they are :great" cooks when they constantly receive low scores themselves. They can't even accept that their cooking is %$#@ sometimes when the judges say their combinations do not work and the same criticism from the contestants. AS far as their travel escapades go they must include quick drive through of countries as experienced travellers. They are in their mid 20's and claim they have been to 40+ countries and received their food experience that way. I just hope they go soon so the real cooks can get on with the job.
I use to watch it, and I loved it, until I found out just how many things were scripted and staged. I can't watch it anymore.
by Vee
I don't mind the show to watch every now and then.
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