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Misfits - If you could have any of the powers from this show which would you choose?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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In the British comedy/drama Misfits a group of teenagers on community service are caught in a mysterious storm which somehow grants them various supernatural abilities. Some of the "powers" in the show (which are sometimes more like curses than superpowers) included:

Teleportation over short distances
X-ray vision
The ability to travel back in time and change events that have happened.
Turning things inside out.
Being turned into a tortoise.
Turning into the opposite sex at will.
Controlling milk and milk products with your mind.
Seeing ghosts
The ability to raise the dead, but as zombies.
Splitting into several people who embody different aspects of your personality.
Turning things to ice by touching them
Taking other people's powers away when you have sex with them.

If you had to pick from one of these, which would you choose? Which would you least like to have?

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Misfits intertitle, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25081578

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Top Answers
I have not heard of this one!
Even though I love comedies and especially English ones, I do not think I would enjoy this one.
If I had to pick from your list however, I would pic the ability to travel back in time and change things in the hope that I could save at least one of my children.
by Finy
Hugs Finy.

And yes, Misfits is not for everyone. It's pretty dark, and there is some fairly crass humour.
dont mind dark humour but don't like them if they are so totally unbelievable...thanks for hugs!!
by Finy
I'd take teleportation or flight because they sound like the most fun. The worst one would probably be causing accidents, followed by being turned into a tortoise.
I too was going to choose teleportation.... but flight has to be number one for me...lol
by jonaja
I'm with Sam....being able to go into Flight! is something I often dream of, so that would be just wonderful for me! :)
You can move quickly when in danger, and just that amazing feeling of being free-in-the-air...wow.
I would love that so much.
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