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Is your box still box shaped?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Television sets are all now wide screens, but do you still have a television that is square?


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Top Answers
No, mine is a wide screen number. We've had it for years now and when I see what I used to consider a normal TV now I wonder how I spent so many hours in front of something so tiny.
The TV in our living room is still a squared-screen television. Because everything is designed for widescreen now, half the picture always gets cut off.
Actually, yes, but my TV is an oldie that I got through a rewards program from my old work.
Today, we get our new wide - flat - screen ever!

And are we excited for this 42 inch to arrive.....
Can't wait.

In my bedroom, I have a box T.V., and it will stay, because
It works fine.
No, we've updated all our television sets.
by Vee
No, but we did have one until recently...
Ours is a widescreen, but it is the very last CRT that LG made, that is actually an HD set. It is the pinnacle of 60 years of CRT development before LCDs and Plasmas took over. The picture quality, colour, contrast and refresh rate is only now getting close to being equalled by the best LCDs. When we bought it back in 2007 it absolutely left them all for dead. It will continue to be a great set until it either dies, or the new 4K sets become affordable for us. They are the next big step I think. I predicted that 3D was never going to catch on and I think that has proven to be the case. According to my research and talking to experts in the field, another thing that most people are unaware of is that in Australia there is no such thing as a full HD broadcast. This is because the government has only ever allowed a fraction of the bandwidth needed to broadcast it. The so-called HD signal is actually sent out by the stations in the old square format and your TV set software has to expand it to an approximation of true HD. In the US they get the full bandwidth to allow HD to go straight to your set with no compression. That is what we should be demanding the government provide to Australian consumers. We are being conned.
We have five widescreen tvs in the house, all big screen. When my husband was alive he was a real "techie" and wanted big screen monitors for our computers, in the family and lounge rooms, and guest bedroom. I am definitely not a "techie" and only use three of the screens - for my computer, in the lounge for watching tv and same in family room.
We just have 1...widescreen 1.
by Miro
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