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Is watching TV just a waste of time?

by Vee (follow)
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cat television
Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

I enjoy watching the ‘Idiot Box’, but sometimes I truly think it is a total timewaster!

What do you think? Is watching TV just a waste of time?

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Top Answers
Absolutely, but it's a good waste of time ;)

Seriously though, TV is a form of entertainment but it is rarely thought provoking or enlightening, with perhaps the exception of biographies and certain types of documentaries. What TV is good for is escapism which is good for everyone in moderation. Like most things overindulgence is where people go wrong.
Of course it is NOT!

If a person enjoys doing something, then for that person it is not a waste of time!
I have nothing else to do at night and even though there is not much on TV at the moment, I still have it on as am often tired and just want to "veg out", so watching TV is ideal and totally not a waste of time.

I also do other things while watching TV such as knitting, spinning, playing games on i pad etc.
by Finy
Finy, you and I should totally hang out of a night time, LOL. I do very much the same things.
by Vee
but you have a husband and I have the dogs!!! no nasty comments here...
by Finy
Sometimes I think it is because if we were not watching TV, we would be spending time as family, just talking to each other, etc. I find TV to be more of a distraction honestly.
No way. If it's entertaining me, making me laugh, informing me, helping me veg out & relax, giving me ideas on what to do around the house etc. , it's not a waste of time. We tend to just turn off the TV these days if there's absolutely nothing on worth watching & find something else to do. However, it's a nice way to relax after work.
Not for Cats!
by Vee
What a beautiful picture!

I've a Siamese who occasionally is sitting on my lap, totally engrossed, for a few minutes' only, with what's on the telly! He looks really funny!
by donjo
Depends on 'what' you watch.

There are a hundred other things one can do.
I spend a lot of time learning new things on the internet!
I watch Youtube, and have gained new skills.

I don't watch t.v. every day, maybe once in a while.
I have a home to make sure it is up to par, and a garden that takes up a fair amount of time.
I also like to do craft, and sell things on line.
T.V. can be a great time waster....it can also be a adult 'babysitter'.

I have in the past of being guilty of watching it way too much, I wanted to escape life.
It is a wonderful tool for the elderly, or those who live alone and can't do much.
But for others, the world is out there....lol....enjoy! :)
I know...I know....2 dips into the answers, but this is my serious heart felt feelings on this now...lol....:)
by jonaja
Great answer, jonaj!
by Vee
Not at all!

I VHS tape all my fave TV shows & watch them later! That way I can ff thru adverts as well! It's THE greatest easy form of entertainment known! And I've loved it since its' beginning!

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