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Is it fair that Prime Minister Tony Abbott cuts the ABC funding because they won't promote his propaganda?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has threatened to cut the ABC's funding because they question his policies.

Is it fair for the Prime Minister of this country to deny freedom of the press and is it fair to cut the funding from childrens television because you want to punish the news broadcaster?

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Tony Abbott has to be prevented from cutting funds to the ABC and trying to control its news services. It is the only news source that is free of commercial and political influence. Even if Abbott did think a report was biased, it doesn't give him the right to force them to put only his point of view. The fact that he wants to control the reporting proves that he has something to hide. Let us also not forget that he is merely doing Rupert Murdoch's bidding. Murdoch was part of a conservative think tank that came up with a manifesto, prior to the election, that included selling the ABC to commercial interests. The last thing this country needs is for Rupert Murdoch to control our media.
I didn't realise a Prime Minister could cut funding for a TV channel. I didn't actually realise they did fund TV channels. I thought they were funded by their own profits. But no, it certainly isn't right. I don't think he should be able to do something like that.

The ABC is funded by the government, it's the national broadcaster. It doesn't have ads.
Ah, now I understand.
I think this is a terrible abuse of power. I also think it is short sighted to punish the children's television and local dramas that are made with that funding. The worst of all, is the censorship on free speech. I thought Australia was a democracy but apparently our PM sees it differently.
I wonder how the ABC will meet it's Australian Content requirement if it gets a funding cut.
It won't. But apparently that doesn't matter.
Or we'll all be watching Adventure Island again...
And this is yet another reason I didn't vote for Abbott.
by Vee
There's almost something daily at the moment. The medicare thing upsets me. If you see a bulk billed Dr, it's probably not because you have tons of money to spare....
Exactly. Has that been set in concrete? I haven't been keeping up lately.
by Vee
We preferred Julia Gillard

No that Tony Abbott should be stopped ,and not allowed to do this
Hmmm the start of a dictatorship me thinks..........this must not be allowed. The days of Bjelke Petersen are back.

Mike O'Connor Moorooka
He can't cut funding based on his personal view. The ABC however is responsible to utilise the taxpayer funding provided to them efficiently just as any government entity. The ABC is empowered with freedom of speech and chooses to sit on the mid to far left on most issues. The fact that Abbott is more to the centre to mid right wing cannot dictate funding decisions. He can and must ask them to account for how efficienctly they spend money. The truth is much of the programming provided is to cater to minority interests which is why they need funding in the first place as the market cannot support creating content for small groups.
They do show good contect for children which is money well spent and do promote the Australian entertainment industry. Is ALL of that money well spent? Good question.
Of course not! Australia is a democratic nation where free speech is allowed, if not encouraged. John Howard unsuccessfully tried to shut down free speech (as did Bjelke Peterson before him) while in office and the answer remains -" HANDS OFF OUR ABC". Mr Bony Rabbit is arrogantly and ignorantly overstepping his mandate.
No. We need some balance, and some factual material. Not just government propoganda and populist reporting
If the PM was to get his way on this and restrict the ABC, it would mean talk back hacks like Jones ,Hadley and many others of their ilk would run over completely anyone who dared to challenge them as they currently do but even more so David J
There is a popular saying
So much of the fund cutting - not just the ABC - seems to be the same as the mean, nasty kid in the class and of course Rupert needed to be paid back for his backing of TA.
However, I do not live in the eastern states and to me, the ABC appears to think life begins and ends in Sydney, with perhaps some breadcrumbs to Melbourne. Rural people depend so much on the ABC, but they have suffered cuts as well. State 7.30, one night a week has been cut and for the lst time in many years I've been looking elsewhere, but then I always did like so much of what SBS shows, and I click on to NITV at certain times (their presenters, news readers make some of the other channel presenters look ordinary.
Nor do I think ABC needs 4 channels, so although I think TA's main agenda for the cuts is to make Rupert happy, and payback people who dont see journalism the same way as Andrew Bolt (mind you TA even made him unhappy at one stage) - i'm waiting to see what 2015 will bring.
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