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Is Brooke a hussy home wrecker or simply misunderstood?

by Vee (follow)

Katherine Kelly Lang
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For those of you who watch 'The Bold and the Beautiful', who hasn't Brooke slept with? Eric, Ridge, Thorn, Deacon, Oliver, Nick, Bill... Ok, seven isn't too bad (assuming I haven't missed any one). Except four of these men are related, in one form or another, and the remaining three were involved with either Brooke's daughters or her sister. It appears no man is off limits for this romantic.

So, what do you think, is Brooke Logan-Forrester-Marone-wannabe-Spencer a hussy home-wrecker or is she simply misunderstood?

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This is a hilarious story line, that she's been with the father and both brothers. When the show started, it was so innocent, about the young love of Brooke (she was poor) and the rich Ridge...then with no where to go, she moved through the family, being with both Ridge and Thorn twice...
In the real world, the family would need therapy beyond the limits of any therapist. In the show, she's still usually quite likeable (though does occasionally have periods of being seen as evil).
She was also with Nick, Ridge's brother by blood, and Bridget's husband and Hope's boyfriend. They would need therapy indeed!
by Vee
Oh she is a homewreaker for sure but often you still feel sorry for her. The only thing she really cares about is Men it's an addiction she loves to fall in love and to create drama. I mean she even slept with her daughters man. She will put any man above her family and their feelings. She is silly but somehow you can't help but realise she and all her drama make that show.
It's annoying to admit, but you're right. Without her, the show wouldn't be half as interesting as it is.
by Vee
Misunderstood .....lol....lol....lol...........She is a Train wreak!!!
Hussy, is too nice a word for her.
Yet! we watch her over and over as she once again crawls into the arms of who?*!#?* this time.
There is only one Brooke.
Hahaha. Too right!
by Vee
So Brooke is at it again. She ruined her sister, Katie's marriage by sleeping with her husband and is now asking Katie to stand up for her at her wedding to Ridge. "Oh Katie, I know I slept with your husband and ruined your marriage, but please stand up for me at my wedding to the man of my dreams so I can rub in your face just how happy I am. Oh, and you can have your husband back. I'm done with him now. Thanks." Home-wrecker!
by Vee
by jonaja
I don't think she is. Men find her irresistible and it's not her fault that she is. The type of men she slept with are rich handsome powerful types. Hard to resist :)
Come on anita, lol. A lot of the men she's gotten with have also been douche bags, lol.
by Vee
Heheh true :) maybe Brooke has a problem saying No? :)
by anita
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