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How long do you think children should be allowed to watch TV for?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Do you have a schedule for your kids for when they are allowed to watch it and for how long? Do you think there is a limit to how much TV they should watch? Is the age of the child a factor?

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Top Answers
I don't have kids, but according to what I've studied at uni developmental guidelines say that between the ages of 5 and 12 kids should have a maximum of 2 hours per day screen time. That's not just tv either. That's computer, iPad, iphone and tv
for younger children it's even less.
I feel it should not be allowed in the morning, unless at Sat or Sun.
That's fine if mum and dad want a few more minutes in bed.

On a week day, I feel they should do their homework, straight away...and once that is done, then watch t.v. till dinner time.

After dinner...maybe 1-2 hrs , so all up Weekdays 3 hours.

Weekends 2 in the morning...2-3 at night time.Of course age plays a huge part.So when they get to say 12, then maybe 1 hr more at night.
One must start very early in a child's life.....to bring about stick guidelines.

Children spend less time outside, and they are becoming overweight.
At the weekends I thinks children should be able to watch tv for a couple of hours in the morning, then a couple of hours in the evening before going to bed. On week days I think they should be able to watch tv while having their breakfast before they go to school, which gives them a chance to relax before lessons. An hour once they get home so they can unwind before homework, and an hour after dinner before going to bed.
About two hours a week for my kids. I don't think TV should be a daily part of their lives because it sets them up for an inactive kind of lifestyle. I'd much rather them playing in the backyard or doing craft until it's bed time.
My seven month old son does not watch television, though he does try to take a peek when the television is on. I think we'll end up letting him watch TV when he reaches a year or two, and for a maximum of one hour a day. Even that seems too much. I suppose we'll take it as it comes, but I'm not keen on him having much screen time.
by Vee
Normally week days I'm Not allow my 6 years old daughter to watch tv at all. She came back from school is almost 4. So time for her to Shower, eat n time to review some homework about 30 minutes n by 6.30pm dinner, reading( 1 storybook everynight) before bed.weekend and school holidays..yes, i will let she watching tv after breakfast n homework around 11am about 2hrs. Then she can watch it again at night after dinner for 1 disney movie(2hrs normally).Same goes to sunday but i will let she watch tv day time instead at night. 2 hrs in the afternoon after lunch n 2 hrs around 4pm.I found out with my daughter if I let her watching tv early morning after breakfast. She will be less focus when she is doing her homework n sometimes she look tired after watching tv in the morning.
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