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How do you feel about next generation shows?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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When Charmed came to an end, a lot of fans petitioned for a 'next generation' series, starring the sisters' children. Next Generation worked for Star Trek, but what do you think about for other shows?

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Top Answers
I personally don't like the idea of doing a spin off based on the next generation of characters. I think risks ruining what was special about the original. I think it worked for Star Trek because the TNG characters were not the off spring of the original crew, and also because the series was made decades later and set a century in the future. That set it far enough apart for it not to clash.
I would think Shark Jumping myself. Just write a new show!
Ambivalent mostly. They're normally pretty much a whole new show with little of what appealed in the original. However, I think Degrassi, the Next Generation is done really well. They had some of the original students come back as teachers and one of the main characters (Emma) is the daughter that one of the original characters had back in the old show so there is a thread of continuity.
I think if the origin show was good enough and the spin off good in its own right, then spin offs are fine. If it's just to milk a cash cow and lacking in creativity, most fans can see through that and it is a waste of time.
I'm a big believer in 'Next Generation Shows'.
After all...we watch them, enjoy them, and get caught up in them.

Rather crazy not to let it go further.... Like with 'Breaking Bad', that could have gone on another season or two...or even three.When it did end, I felt I had totally connected with everyone, and BAM! gone :(
There is so much more with a lot of show's, to continue like with younger cast member's as they grow up in the story.What happens next?

Good story telling is just that, it can continue.

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