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House of Cards - US or UK version?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Kevin Spacey

Did you watch both? Which do you prefer and why?

My parents really liked the UK one, and were a little dubious about whether they'd like the US version, but they loved it more.

We started with the US version but have struggled to watch the UK one.

Do you have preference and does it matter which you watched first?

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Top Answers
I didn't actually know there was a UK version. What is the shows about, and what is the main difference between them?
The UK version is quite old now, and it was about a UK politician who was trying to become Prime Minister. The US version is updated to be set there, in a fictional US presidency, and is about a Congressman who wants to become Vice President. They address similar themes of the things people will do for power, and neither pull any punches when it comes to sex, drugs, and murder in the pursuit of power.

I was too young to appreciate the UK version, but the US version (starring Kevin Spacey) is just brilliant. I have really enjoyed it, and I am about to watch the second series now.
Thanks, Lindsay. The I'm sure the UK version was great in its time, but is probably less relevant today. The US one will deal with current issues.
I really loved the US version, but I didn't' know there was a UK version. Had I know that I would have chosen the UK one based on the overall higher of TV series out of the UK.

Having said that, I'm eagerly awaiting the the arrival of the next season, and if life gets boring (4 kids, that's not all that often) I'll seek out the UK one. The US one has been very good so far.

Get sick of USA 'copycatting' brilliant UK series. They usually stuff it up! Look what they did to 'Prime Suspect'!

The marvellous, late, great Ian Richardson was in UK version. It was the 'bees-knees'.

NOBODY, but nobody, does Drama, like the Brits'. End of!
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