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Have you ever written a formal complaint about something you’ve seen on television?

by Vee (follow)
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FreeTV Australia often airs ads to encourage viewers to provide feedback about anything that might breach the ‘Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice’.

It's important we hold the industry accountable.

Have you ever written a formal complaint about something you’ve seen on television? Were you satisfied with the response?

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Top Answers
I have, yes. I wrote a complaint about an add for chicken burgers. It was the most objectifying, pornified ad for FOOD that it made my blood boil. Apparently I wasn't the only one either because it made the news, and the ad was pulled not long after that.
I have written several!
Mostly on the one subject -the phrase "commit" suicide.

I have a strong objection to this word in this sentence as suicide is not a crime and I do not know why reporters continue to use this outdated phrase.

I have requested that they unders this and how awful it is for relative of those who have been hurting so badly that the only way out is by suicide, or completion of suicide, or just plain "suicided".

I have also written a few complaints about the main free to air channels always being 10 minutes or so late due to the stupid rfeality shows that seem to go longer than they should.

In all case, I have not even had the courtesy of a reply.

None of these are a breach of commercial Television Industry Code of Practice however they are annoying.
by Finy
Good for you, Finy and shame on the networks for not even replying to you.
by Vee
I had never thought of the wording like that! Thank you for enlightening me, I'll be sure to watch out for it, and I might do an edit of an article I just wrote about birth trauma. I'd actually really appreciate it if you could take a look at it (it's the latest one called Birth Trauma 101) and tell me how you suggest I reword it.

Suicide is such an important issue.

Actually, I'd love to publish an article on WW on the subject if you think it's something you could write about. It could be an opinion piece or an informative article. It's such a taboo topic but it effects countless families!
by meggf
Not a formal complaint, but I have sent email letters to the Radio Times about shows I have a complaint about. Never had a response for any of them.
I did write about an ad that was too graphic to me and made me sick and it was pulled.
Good work!
by Vee
No I've never felt that strongly about anything I've seen

There are a couple of times where I have felt like writing a letter but I've just never bothered because I don't think it would get anywhere.

I remember especially an episode of this years The Block:Glasshouse, where a couple of the male contestants chased a rat and killed it. I know they are vermon but they are also living creatures and it should have been caught and released humanely and not have been killed like that. It was disgusting.
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