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Have you ever dismissed a show then gone back to it later and decided you liked it?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Have you ever tried to watch a TV series and given up then gone back a season or so later and decided to watch it?

Which show and can you remember what made you change your mind?

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Top Answers
I sure have with NCIS and Elementary and now I'm addicted to both.
I didn't really like the first series of Seinfeld - not the few episodes I saw anyway. Then I started watching the second series and really enjoyed it from then on. There have been so many classic episodes and catch phrases that have come from that show that many of us still talk about today.
Yes, a few times. I first refused to Watch Star Trek Enterprise when it came out, but then years later I discovered it wasn't so bad. I also would never watch Charmed because I caught a snippet of a scene I didn't like.l I later saw a snippet of a scene I did like, and began watching it.
I did it with NCIS too - I thought it was stupid but then my partner started watching it about a year later and I got into it...
Last time I did that was with Beverley Hills 90210. Hated it at first, then it grew on me.
I did that with The Office (British version). I watched a movie with Ricky Gervais and that got me onto The Office.
I did that with The Office (British version). I watched a movie with Ricky Gervais and that got me onto The Office.
When Will & Grace was on TV I flicked over to it briefly during an ad break and decided I didn't like it. It was only when the re-runs were on Foxtel years later that I gave it another try and loved it.
Rake, and boy, am I enjoying the new series.
Yes. In fact probably about 80% of my current and all time favourite shows started out by me not liking them or more importantly not getting into them to start with. This included MASH, The XFiles, Law and Order(original), Star Trek(original and next gen), Two and a half Men and most recently and most importantly 'The Big Bang Theory' which is now one of my absolute favourites of all time. And even Seinfeld my top show of all time, like many, took me a while but I could tell there was definitely something there.
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