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Has a TV show ever made you really angry?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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Has a TV show ever made ever made you angry, like throw things at the TV set or turn it off and walk away angry? If so, what show was it and why did it push your buttons?

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Top Answers

Not so much a single show..but maternity ward set reality shows bust my boiler!
Although I love Strictly Come Dancing, it does make me angry sometimes. This is mainly due to the Americanisation of the show. When it started, the format was perfect, but then they started to hype it up with lots of stupid acted-out cut scenes, the mellow dramatic stories of how 'devastated' they would be if they went out, themed dance weeks (e.g. Halloween), and a whole lot of other stuff, which just ruins it for me. It is the same with all other reality TV contests really, and it does make me angry.
Not that I can recall. If I do not like it and see where it is going I just turn it off or change the channel.
by Gia
Watching the Bold and the Beautiful can get me angry, but, if I know a show will wind me up that way, I will avoid it.
by Vee
I don't watch it now, but when it first came out, I tried to watch Big Brother, but I wasn't a fan. Didn't like the bullying that went on, and didn't find it that entertaining.
The way one winning contestant on a TV quiz show, all of 'a sudden' starting losing when he'd been winning for several days', made me angry. It seemed a very strange situation, particularly at such a huge $ amount. So I switched it off, & haven't watched it since, & that was several months' ago!
Yes the Morning Breakfast shows, I once was silly enough to believe it was a news program, now I realize it is just pure drivel.
Rather watch Ch.24 and see NEWS not drivel.

We seem to be saturated in reality shows -Cooking and Renovations.
Too much are we really so desperate to watch this again and again and again.
TRY something different, something NEW Please Please!!!!!!!!!

Farley (bored to tears)
Oh yes!
One that has been going way way way toooooooooooo long!


Or should I say The Bold and the STUPID?*#!?

How many times can 1 person marry soooooo many people? seriously I would love to shake BROOK BIG TIME... she has been a bride over 12 times? ahhhhh
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