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Firefly Review

by Damian Drake (follow)
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Firefly title card
You can't take the sky from me!

Firefly is a Sci-fi Western TV series created by the one and only Joss Whedon. It was broadcast on Fox for one season before being unceremoniously cancelled, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone who has seen it. The plot follows the escapades of the crew of Serenity, a Firefly-class spaceship, crewed by a ragtag group of nine misfits, all of whom are interesting and brilliant characters, ranging from a mercenary, to a fugitive doctor, to a priest.

Left to Right: Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb; Summer Glau and Sean Maher as River and Simon Tam, Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds, Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra, Gina Torres as Zoe, Alan Tudyk as Wash, Jewel Staite as Kaylee and Ron Glass as Shepherd Book

Together, the crew of Serenity form an odd family dynamic, looking out for each other and trying to scrape by in a world where it seems everything is out to get them.

As with all Joss Whedon shows, Firefly has excellent writing. Even the lackluster episodes of the show (admit it, 'The Message' left much to be desired) have brilliant diatribes and give each character something interesting to do. Special consideration should be given to account for the lack of major character growth throughout the series, since it was cancelled before it had a chance show off what it could do. What is there is definitely brilliant. Bonus points for creating its own colourful vernacular.

Good stories aren't much without a fun world for them to take place in, and when it comes to fun worlds, Firefly delivers. The 'Verse (shorthand for "Universe") is teeming with political intrigue, Western-influenced colony planets and enough imagination to fill several shows (How about it, Joss? Firefly spin-offs?).

The Gorram Final Frontier

Throughout the series, Team Serenity visits planets like Whitefall, one of several Old West type locales, and Ariel, which could be described as a city covering the entire landmass, among several others. If the show had been given a chance to continue, one can only imagine what else we would have seen.

But, the best location is the one the characters spend the most time at: Serenity herself. As far as spaceships in television go, Serenity would not be particularly notable in most circumstances. She's not the Enterprise or the Defiant, she's not Galactica or the Whitestar; she's just a small cargo ship with no guns. And yet, the set design makes each room feel more alive and welcoming and memorable than anything seen on any of the others. This might be due to the fact that there are fewer rooms on a smaller ship, thus the few rooms there are serve multiple duties; for example, Serenity's mess hall, where the crew gathers to eat, drink and be merry, also serves as the meeting room where they gather to discuss whatever grim situation has befallen them this week. The vibrant colour palette and general rustic aesthetic lends itself well to a show about independent contractors trying to make ends meet.

With you 'til the day you die. Because it's a death trap.

Firefly is a wonderful show. I have not met a single person who didn't find something to love about it, and have even heard stories of people breaking down in tears when they were told there was no second season. If you haven't seen it, I implore you to check it out. It certainly isn't perfect, but nothing is, and Firefly is pretty gorram shiny. 10/10

Individual episode reviews are coming. Stay tuned!

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Fans of the series should check out the movie too, if they haven't already. It's called Serenity and is just as awesome as the series. I happened to come across the movie first and did a little happy dance when I found out there was a series as well.
by ca
Great review. Love Firefly!
I have been meaning to watch this series properly!
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