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Extreme Brat Camp - What's your view?

by Vee (follow)
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Youth rehabilitation camps in America employ aggressive behavioural modification and confrontational methods to prevent children as young as ten from spiraling out of control.

Extreme Brat Camp invites viewers into these camps and into the homes of the families involved.

Have you seen the program? If so, what are your thoughts on it and these camps?

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Top Answers
by Finy
I thought this was extreme...Crap, people. Children need love and discipline - not the kind of stuff they're exposed to at these camps.
by Vee
I have seen something like it.

I'm all for it.

The ones I have seen also have military trainers, and they stop that bad behaviour real quick.

Always been a big fan of anything like that to combat, actions from youth that nothing else will help.

I have worked in a youth prison, and it was very sad to see the thinking of these kids...they need huge amounts of discipline long before love.

It is the implement of discipline that one can then 'try' to help them to see they do not have a right to hurt others.

There are children in our world who also have some very messed up thinking, even from a good family that has given love.

Potentially they become dangerous, even at such a young age.
It can have disastrous consequences, and not all children 'just need love'.

They have to be taught respect for others, and also for themselves.

Sometimes the 'only' way to do it is thru Camps that can show them, they are Not able or allowed to run riot, in society.

Some Camps of course are far better than others.

There are children that if you saw them on the street, you would never even think....They have tried to set a parent on fire while sleeping.

Poison a parent putting stuff in their cups of coffee, just to get back.

Would not hesitate when playing with another little girl like them, hit them over the head with a blunt heavy object they could use.

One see's a sweet little girl, and thinks 'no way'...truth be told, they have quite extreme behaviour problems, will not respond to all the love in the world!

They have to know there is someone bigger, stronger, and more powerful that will bring them to account for their 'violent actions'.

It is hard to even consider that little children and a tad older would be able to do such things, and because they are minors...you will not hear about it, on the News believe me.

I have experience in this and it is VERY Real.

These Camps are a last ditch attempt to 'try' to stop unlawful actions by these children, to stop them from entering into a juvenile jail later.

Sadly we do not have anything like it in Oz that I know about, but in New Zealand they are having results with the youth over there.
Wow. Clearly, I have no experience in this area.
by Vee
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