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Drugs on TV, are we seeing too much?

by DamienR (follow)
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Back in the day, TV used to be a clean zone. Shows like Little House on the Prairie ruled the airwaves, but not so much anymore. Series like Weeds and Breaking Bad have shown the world something different and illegal. Some would argue that these shows are showing too much, that drugs should not be a focal point or made light of. Others say it’s just fiction and good TV. What do you think? Are we seeing too much drug related TV?

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Good question. I don't think Breaking Bad glamorises the drug trade at all. It doesn't make it look like much fun. Weeds does, though that changes a bit as the show goes on when crime really doesn't pay for Nancy.

One show where the continual drug use bothered me was Skins, because it's presented as if it's something all "cool" teenagers do. I know there is drug use among teens but it's not as if it's mandatory and they don't need to be encouraged.
I think drugs and violence are being used too gratuitously these days. If these things happened in a TV show it used to be shock, but now it is just a part of everyday. People got on without continuous storylines about drugs in the past.Why do we need them now? If it is shown after watershed hours I guess it is okay, but still repetitive and boring.
I agree with you Bryony. I have no real issue with drugs on TV, but shows like Weeds and Breaking Bad glorify the drug dealing business which I think is wrong.
I don't think Breaking Bad glorifies the drug industry. Pretty much everyone ends up badly one way or another.
To be honest, I don't think we're seeing too much - I'd not really noticed it. But Breaking Bad and Law & Order (and Sopranos) are the only shows I watch that have it in it....
It is called choice if you don't like certain things in a tv show - don't watch. I never watched Breaking Bad or Weeds. But not really totally because of drugs they just didn't appeal to me. People should censor themselves we should not censor creativity and what is on the big or small screen.
Sorry P.S I couldn't think of anything worse than having to watch stuff like Little House on the Prairie again - OMG!

Breaking Bad was quite the opposite to making it look exciting (for want of another word).

It ended badly on all fronts.

It showed how easy one can get caught up, but how complex lives become, and sad and lost.I loved the show for the acting, and also how strong the message was.There was a big message in this one.

Just don't get involved in that kind of criminal activity! You will get busted, some how.Life will turn on you...and quickly. BB I believe did more good, than what people will think.

Drugs are part of life now, and 'if'' they make more show's that point to it being a waste of time and effort in some small way, I say 'go-for-it'.
The Wire for me, was the series that was the only 'must watch' (with subtitles) drug related story. -but then it had so many stories, layers to it.
I don't know about Breaking Bad, I didn't watch it, but having googled it, I think it could have seemed glamorous and a way to make quick money to people who identified with it - suddenly there are meth labs in every district -
we are even being told now to take care when buying a house that it wasnt used as a lab... which leaves the house permanently toxic.
and oh, little house on the praire .. our community station has been showing
Bonanza. how did that show survive for more than l season?

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