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Do you wish there were a wider range of British accents on TV?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Unless it is a British made show British characters are usually cast with actors who have an RP accent. It seems that people forget that not everyone speaks the Queen's English. There are many regional accents all over England, Scotland, and Wales, but they are rarely heard. Do you think there needs to be a greater representation of these accents on TV?

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No, I do not think there needs to be a greater degree of accents as I find some of them I can barely understand, and in a TV show where they often talk quite fast, it is important that everything is understood.

Scottish and welsh are ones I have problems with as well as others in England, so NO, although I do not know what RP means, I do not think that a show which is targeted to the rest of the world as well as UK should have all different accents.
Same goes for many german shows -they are GENERALLY in "hoch Deutsch" which is the universal, so to speak, German, and the dialects, many of which I cannot understand, even though I speak German.
by Finy
RP stands for received pronunciation, and is the kind of English you hear read by news reporters.
thanks Bryony -never heard that one!
by Finy
Hi Finy.....RP is the accent ABC Newsreaders are supposed to have.
The best current example was David Kurnow, but he's not there anymore. Shame!
Former reader's who were top-notch were James Dibble & Bruce Webster.
by donjo
I would like to see a great representation of different regions. You get different American accents -New York, Texan, Californian, so why not more English?
I think we need to hear more accents in general, not just English. We hear lots of American accents and we hear them so often that they have become easy to understand, commonplace on our television sets. If more accents were introduced on a regular basis, although they would be hard to understand at first, they would soon become commonplace as well.

I do however understand the dilemma. Having an actor with an accent not regularly represented on screen may alienate your audience. Those who do not understand the accent in question may not want to tune in to a show they can't understand who's speaking. This came very close to happening when my wife and I started watching Hannibal. We had a very difficult time understanding Mads Mikkelsen's Danish accent. We stuck with it, and now we understand him most of the time but others may not give the accent time to grow and mature in your brain.
The accents don't have to be strong; they can be very mild, but just to know that they do live outside walking distance of London (or which ever region the main country's is).
Personally, I think more accents is a great idea. I don't know if I'll ever make it to London, but I would like to think that if I did, I would be able to understand those who are speaking to me. That means I would like some prior exposure ;)
No, as not used to hearing them here, in Australia.
Some TV accents are just so difficult to understand to our ears.

I don't watch any show with David Tennant, James Nesbitt or John Hannah. Just plain can't understand them.
Also difficult is mid-west England & 'Geordie'.

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