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Do you watch ‘Top Gear’?

by Vee (follow)
My husband first introduced me to ‘Top Gear’ while we were dating. Initially, I thought I’d watch it for him – you know; take an interest in the things he liked. All that ‘couple stuff’. Before I knew it, I was laughing my head off and have watched ‘Top Gear’ ever since.

Do you watch ‘Top Gear’? If so, which episode is your favourite?

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Top Answers
I do watch it, and I do like it.
The one I can't get out of my head, when they were taken to an Arab country!!!
I was on the edge of my seat.Oh yeah!

Ha! I was just going to ask this. I love Top Gear. What I find interesting though, is that women who don't like cars also love the show (being sexist there but they'll admit they didn't think they'd like it). I'm not exactly sure what the appeal is, that got them to win over a non-car audience, but I guess the hosts are just the right combination and are obviously really great at what they do...
Great minds think alike! Haha. It is definitely the hosts that do it for me. They're so cheeky. And you're right, the way they've made a show about cars appealing to an audience who couldn't give two hoots about cars is brilliant.
by Vee
I have no interest in this show whatsoever; probably because I have no interest in cars. Like Lydia, I'd have to ask those women what they see in it. I always turn over if it i on.
Bryony, it's all about the cheeky trio of hosts. I have no interest in cars either, but I really do enjoy the show. Haha, who would've thought!?
by Vee
I like Top Gear but Channel Nine have buried it. You don't know if the show is a repeat and they don't appear to promote the new series when it comes out. Channel Nine's slack programme timing also makes it difficult to watch Top Gear in between programmes on other channels. Consequently I often miss it. It was much better when it was on SBS. I hope they buy Top Gear back.
I didn't realise it use to be on SBS. Last time I checked it was on Wednesday nights. I've got some of the series on DVD, which helps. That way I know what I've watched and what I haven't.
by Vee
I have never enjoyed Top Gear. I find it all so contrived.
I have to disagree. Yes, there are times when I think 'this is so scripted'. But then I see shows like, now I can't remember the name. It's about that pawn shop owned by the guy with the greasy hair, and 'Operation Repo'. Those shows are painful.
by Vee
I don't watch the whole show, but love watching the segments where they road test new cars. I love seeing them hit top speeds on an empty race track.
I like that segment too. The other night Hammond commented that "If ten year olds could drive, they would love this car". Can't remember what car it was, but it's quips like that one that keep me coming back.
by Vee
I watched it for a few episodes until I realized that it was just a vehicle for a few people to air their car-related prejudices. I suppose that it might be better to view it as a poorly-written Monty Python or maybe it belongs in the same genre as the WWE. There are still people that believe the WWE is real also.
Nope! Zero interest level to me!
Cant stand big head Jeremy. So full of himself so, no I can't stand the childish acts
Jeremy was sent packing' from the show after making a remark about something. Then someone else came in to replace Jeremy. Now I think the show has 3 new hosts altogether. We used to watch it every week, but we didn't seem to like it as much when Channel 9 took not over. Now the new team is in, we're out!. I've no idea what episode was my favourite!
by Miro
That's a pity about the new hosts. I think the old team had a good dynamic going on.
by Vee
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