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Do you watch The Biggest Loser & what do you make of it?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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The new season of The Biggest Loser is about to start and they've some how got a whole town to agree to be on it. I am astounded that there are that many people that would want to commit to the show.

Do you think the show is helpful for weight loss? Do you think it is entertaining viewing?

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Top Answers
I don't watch it, but I have seen enough to know what it is about. I think itis appauling that people make programmes like this for entertainment. They hype up and sensationailse these people's health problems for other people's enjoyment, while emotionally and mentally abusing those taking part. It is disgusting. Some people might lose weight on the show, but whether they keep it off is another thing entirely. You can see that the producers don't care about the peole because they actually kick the ones out that need the most help.
I've never watched it. I think the premise is disgusting. Crash dieting and going suddenly from doing very little exercise to doing lots cannot be good for the contestants' health.
I don't watch it, but I think it's really mean, and they are quite cruel to the contestants - they starve them and then film them stealing food from the kitchen, and why do they make them wear no shirts and mid drift tops for weigh in? I think it's deliberately cruel to be entertaining. And I thought it was irresponsible having young kids on it last time.
I know it is very confronting, but for some people they 'want the help'.
They must feel lost, and do not care who watches it.For that they have my total respect.
I couldn't do it, but ''good on those'' who do....Not sure about it being entertaining, I think the people who do watch, could have a weight issue?
One thing the show does do, is give Hope...There are a lot of people who are becoming overweight.
As for a whole town, well that is amazing!
Love the idea, and I think this will really show how hard it can be to loose weight at times, because of the number of people.

It's going to be good watching.Bless them all, for being so brave and committed.
Yes, I am almost embarrassed to say I do watch it often!

My friends all scream at me when I tell them and I know no one else who watches this show.

Re the whole town -im sure not the whole town committed but they werent about to show those who did not want to be on it. Perhaps they even paid them something to appear -wouldnt surprise me either.
by Finy
Gave up after the series which had a bloke called king Richard (& daughter) in it, who won mega $$$$ & promptly dumped his wife. Disgusting behaviour. Totally beyond the pale.
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