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Do you watch the Big Bang Theory TV show?

by gbrow (follow)
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I have watched the TV show The Big Bang Theory a number of times now and I even laugh at the repeats even though I have seen it before and I know what is coming up.

The Big Bang Theory cast
The cast includes: First row from left: Raj Koothrappali, Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz. Second row from left: Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and Amy Farrah Fowler

Very funny show. Do you watch it?

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Top Answers
sick of the repeats

by vjmm
I love this show! My wife and I binge watched the first four seasons. We haven't gone back to it since then, but we keep talking about it. I know we will eventually.
When I first saw it, I just could not connect the dots!
Then after a while I did...so yes we love the show, and it is very different and funny.
Each character is just right too, so that is some smart casting.
I was exactly the same. It took a while to get into but OMG the characters are so well written and acted of course. Even the semi regular characters are so well written and drawn that they have such distinct personalities. From Howard's mum (don't know what they'll do now that the actress has died) to comic book store owner to Sheldon's professor rival with the lisp (sorry I am tired so I can't think of their character's names) they are just so brilliant all of them.
by lbowd
For some reason, and it is possibly that there are very few US comedies that I like, I cannot watch this show.

The only ones I love are Seinfeld and probably a few more older ones but I would far prefer English humour and have never watched a full episode of Big Bang Theory.
by Finy
Try it seriously as many of us have said you have to really follow it closely for a while - prob starting at season 2 instead of one - but if you are a Seinfeld fan which I am - this really is the best sitcom since Seinfeld.
by lbowd
Hell yeah. And I must admit I can watch the repeats too and that is tio me a measure of a best show.
I used to like it a lot more than I do now. Every now and then I will catch a repeat or an episode I've not seen before. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes not. I read a scathing review and in it the reviewer said how the show reenforces terrible stereotypes and makes it okay to laugh at nerds and that darn review has kinda ruined the show for me. Now I feel a bit guilty if I laugh at the nerds.
Yes my whole family love watching the show, and we don't mind watching repeats. It's a wonderful show to watch when you are feeling down because it always makes you laugh!
I cant wait for the episodes to start up in February
Yes. I love the Big Bang. It's great to just put on in the background, or sit down and, like dgwriting says below, binge on! I love it!
Although I'm sick of the re-re-repeats, I did enjoy the first few seasons of this show. I find Sheldon's character endearingly irritating. I also find that the latter seasons often rely more on lowbrow humour than on wit, which is disappointing.
by Vee
I too find I find Sheldon's character really irritating, but did you know in real life away from the Big Bang show he is classified as a genius.
No, am not a fan. I saw one episode and didnt watch again
by Gia
You're joking, right? Can't stand one of the voices, & that's just on the 'trailer'!
I love TBBT! I've probably seen every older episode (before this season) 5-10 times, and I STILL keep watching! I grew up in nerd city (Oak Ridge, Tennessee), and the cast is so much like people I've known. I got my grandsons to watch it, too. Great show!

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