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Do you watch shows with subtitles?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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Do you ever watch shows with subtitles?

Example of subtitles. Public domain, via Wikipedia.

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Top Answers
I do, depending on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I watch TV specifically to kick back and relax, or I want to work on an art project while watching, and that doesn't work if I need to read subtitles. Sometimes I'll watch German shows to brush up my German, in which case I only need to look at the subtitles for the odd word I don't catch.
I do subtitles on occasion, but not very often. My wife has very poor eye sight, so I read out subtitles whenever we watch something that has them. That tends to take away from actually watching the show or movie.
ALL THE TIME! My friends make fun of me, but it is amazing what you miss without the subtitles.
I do .
I also think it is something that should not stop us from looking afar!
A lot of people say it turns them off, but that is such a limiting way to view things.
You can learn a lot from the subs, and often I find that esp in China(one show I watch), they think so differently.
Yes, I agree, it would be a shame to miss out on so many interesting shows from other countries. Lately I've been really enjoying some Scandinavian crime dramas.
Some of the best shows are European and I speak German so I often watch German films.
I DO sometimes watch subtitles however currently I am knitting and when I am doing something like this, I cannot watch a show in a foreign language, so I tend to watch Australian or English movies, and sometimes US.

I have nothing against watching subtitles apart from the fact that I often do other things whilst watching TV!
by Finy
Yes I do, but I'm now finding it hard to read the subtitles before they leave the screen. I think this is because I have cataracts on both eyes, making it slower for me to read the subtitles.
by Miro
Absolutely. But I have to be in the mood to do so. I am usually doing a craft of some sort when I watch TV. So with a subtitle show I have to really concentrate!
I quite like foreign movies and enjoy reading the sub-titles, especially since I try to understand some of the words as added interest. The foreign movies are much more interesting and quite gritty at times and gives us an insight of other actors and themes too. Broadens us nes pais?
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