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Do you watch sci-fi because you like science?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Some people like science fiction just because it involves space battles or a cool storyline, while others started watching because they actually like science. Then there are those who became interested in science because of science fiction. Which category do you fall into?


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Top Answers
No, I watch it because I like philosophy. I like the interesting "what if" questions that come up in sci fi and get really frustrated when they don't go anywhere interesting. Star Trek's a shocker for that. There was an episode where cloning came up an they just basically went "clones are bad, end of story", completely sidestepping all the interesting issues it brought up.
I first got into sci-fi when I was 7, and at that point, I wasn't interested in science. I think watching science fiction shows has definitely increased my interest in science, but only so far. For example, I do not find studying physics and chemistry enjoyable.
I fell in love with Star Trek the very first day it
ever showed on t.v. in black & white....in the 1960's.

I grew up with it, and because it was so different,was one of the
best shows on t.v. Love 'Stargate' too.

Something to capture our imagination.
Good question, but I think for me it is the other way around. I've always been into the arts, and my love of sci-fi has led me to have more of an interest in science.
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